To Do

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I have this written as a page on the blog, but I wanted to bring it to the front here in case you hadn’t seen it.  What is on your to do list?

My to do list, as of 4/5/13 (for the most up to date, check out the page via the link above).

  1. Foster dogs
  2. Get out of debt
  3. Write a book
  4. Have a house with a large fenced-in back yard for my dogs
  5. Give up caffeine. Give up caffeine.
  6. Book the next flight out to Paris for a long weekend
  7. Finish my Masters
  8. Join the BlogHer network
  9. Not fall asleep on the couch nightly
  10. Catch a foul ball at a major league baseball game
  11. See Celine perform in Vegas
  12. Take a class on Photoshop & Illustrator
  13. Learn to take photos with a camera that isn’t my iPhone
  14. Take a round the world cruise
  15. Take a cruise on the maiden voyage of a ship (I love cruises, can you tell?)
  16. Take a writing class

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