A Few Random, Pointless Things About Me

*I am updating the bloggy to give it a cleaner, less cluttered look, so I am taking the following off the “about me” page and putting it here as a blog post.  Enjoy!


1.  When I was in middle school I was in love with the band Hanson.  I may have even sent Taylor Hanson a fan letter telling him I was convinced we would one day get married.

2.  Pet Peeves: When someone driving in front of me sprays their windshield wipers and the fluid sprays back onto my windshield.  Ick.  Also when if the person driving in front of me is turning right and they take way too long to do so.  I have a bit of road rage, can you tell?  One more pet peeve:  when I can hear yo swallow.  It gives me the willies.  Drink quietly please.

3.  I have two bichonpoo doggies names Lady and Henry.  I only started out with one, and only ever intended to get one but a few weeks after I got Lady I was talking to the breeder and I asked how her brother was doing (it was only the two of them in the litter).  She told me he was being beat up by the bigger dogs that she owned and he was crying for his sister.  And that’s how I got two dogs.

4.  I could live off bread, butter and chocolate for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.

5.  I have to limit myself to buying one cookbook per month.  When I buy a new one I read it cover to cover as if it’s a novel.

6.  When I was in middle school I became obsessed with the Amish and wanted to convert to being Amish.  Instead I sewed my sister and I Amish dresses for Halloween that year.  But seriously, how cool would that be to bake pies all day, be courted and ride around in a buggy?

7.  Oompa Loompas and them basically the whole movie Willy Wonka scares the bejezzus out of me.

8.  Weird celebrity crushes: Steve Martin and Rod Blagojevich.  I really can’t explain that last one.

9.  When I was two rumor has it that I was kicked out of my ballet class for being disruptive, calling the teacher names and hanging upside down from the parallel bars.

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