Honey + Cinnamon Face Mask

A friend posted on Facebook the other day about all the wonderful benefits honey and cinnamon have when used together.  The one thing that stood out was using it as a face mask.  I’ve been doing egg white + lemon juice masks for a while (something I learned from Pinterest), so I was interested to try another natural, chemical free mask.  I’m all about limiting the number of chemicals I put on and in my body.  Plus, I’ve had acne like a 13-year-old boy recently and it will not go away.  Seriously, I’m 28, what gives adult acne?

Trying a honey + cinnamon face mask. Apparently works wonders. Lady is a fan.

Verdict: I really liked it!  (And so did my dog Lady, she would have licked my face clean if I had let her).  My face didn’t feel so dry and tight like it does after normal masks, rather it felt silky smooth and smelled great.  It didn’t sting or feel tingley either in the process, just really goopy and messy.  Next time I am going to do it while in the bath so the clean up is a little easier.  One thing to note: unlike traditional masks, this doesn’t dry or turn hard, it stays wet the whole time.  I left this one on about 10 minutes before washing it off.  I mixed it up in a tupperware container so I have enough extra goop for probably two or three more masks.

I may try a concoction of my two masks and make a honey/ cinnamon/ egg white/ lemon juice mixture.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

*Here is a similar article I found online that talks about the various benefits of cinnamon + honey.

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