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I have been struggling with Facebook lately.  I am very private with my profile, and I don’t like to use it as a networking tool.  I really, truly like to be friends with people I really am friends with in real life.  If my friend list gets near 300 I start to get concerned.  My thing is, if I wouldn’t either A) Go out for a glass of wine with you, or B) If I saw you go “Oh hey! How are you?”, then I don’t want to be your Facebook friend.  Maybe it’s bratty, but I have stuff on there that I really don’t want everyone seeing.  Nothing bad, but you have to understand, when I joined Facebook, it was sophomore year of college and at that time you could only get on FB if you were in college.  A lot of my photos from back then are of me and my girl friends goofing off and being dumb college girls.  Again, nothing bad, for goodness sake we were all in a Bible study together, so it’s just stupid stuff like me doing a flip off a dorm room bunk bed.

I am a defriender.  I don’t do it often, but for some reason I get some weird pleasure out of it.  I’ve been out of college 6 years now, so I’m getting to the point that I don’t really want to know the daily ins and outs of people’s lives that I took Spanish class with 8 years ago.  So from time to time I will defriend people.  I used to have no problem with it, but the last few times I’ve been caught.  Within a day or two I have been added back as a friend by the person I defriended.  I don’t get this- why would you want to be my friend if I just defriended you?  How did you know so quickly that I defriended you?  Why do I even need to be on Facebook?  Can you exist in the year 2013 without Facebook?  So many questions.

I am much more into Twitter these days, and it makes no sense, but I let anyone and everyone follow me on there.

So the issue that spurred on this post is that I went to write on a girl’s Facebook wall only to discover that she had defriended me.  What?  Huh?  I am a lovely person, how could someone do such a cruel thing?  Her criteria must be a lot stronger than mine, because she is totally someone I would keep as a FB friend.  It just got me thinking about how awkward it is.  What happens when and if I run into these people I have defriended?  Why is this even an issue, there are about 3,567 other things I should be doing/ worrying about?

Is anyone else as OCD about Facebook as me?

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