Goals This Spring

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Hello world! I am back with a little face lift of the ole’ bloggy. I finally found and bought a new domain I am super excited about, but I am going to wait to transition to that until late summer. Here are some stream-of-consciousness ideas for my life this season, in no particular order.

  • Master SketchUp.
  • Master Perspective Drawing.
  • Not have a mental breakdown when I am away from my dogs for two weeks in May (Going to London– eeks!).
  • Exercise five times a week (per my doctor’s orders) (yeah right) (if I make it twice a week it will be a success).
  • Layout my outfit for the next day the night before.
  • Do a five-minute clean up of my house every day.
  • Severely limit the amount of eating out I do & cook at home more.
  • Not be a person who makes excuses. Let my yes be yes and my no be no.
  • Call my friends. I am not a phone talker, I would so much rather email people, but when you need to catch up with your girl friends nothing beats a good phone date.
  • Finish drinking the obnoxious amount of Korean herbs that are in my fridge.

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