Spruced Up Vanity & New Earring Holder

Writing a blog post now on my new vanity area/ new earring holder :) thejuliedaniel.com check back in an hour :)

I’ve gotten my ‘vanity’ area all set up with my new earring holder and I love they way it turned out so I want to share my sources.  After needing sufficient earring storage for a good 8 years (at least) I finally decided to poke around online for options.  My first stop was Etsy where they had a ton of cute options, very similar to what you see above.  The one I wanted was $50 which I didn’t want to spend so I decided to take things into my own hands and try to construct my own earring holder.  Five minutes later…. wait for it… drum roll… Home Depot of all places had what I was looking for, and for only $19.00.  Who wouldda thunk?  Good ole Home Depot!  My original thought was to spray paint it off white, but when I got it in the mail I loved its natural brass color.

Here’s a picture of it when I first got it and had it propped up against my diploma, which now has a new home.
Love my new earring holder! Will do a blog post in it soon, after I find a proper place for it, not resting on my diploma :) #JMU


  • Earring holder- Home Depot :)
  • Necklace holder- I think it’s from Target, it is actually a tie holder and and I got it years ago
  • Wood jewelry box- my Aunt and Uncle bought it in Pakistan for me
  • Clear acrylic jewelry box- no idea, I’ve had it forever, but The Container Store has a similar one (and I love all their makeup organizers!)
  • Lamp- Target, years ago
  • Clear Acrylic tray- Marley Lilly (love me some Marley Lilly!)
  • Pink and gold box- dollar bin at Target

PS… Yes, I take a gazillion herbs and vitamins…

PPS… Here is a picture of my new makeup organizer from The Container Store (aka Mecca)

For a blog post...
Maybe at some point I’ll do a post on my makeup sources, but for the time being: Clinique and Arbonne are my two go-to sources.

2 thoughts on “Spruced Up Vanity & New Earring Holder

  1. The brass is amazing! I adore your blog, Julie! I discovered it a while back when I was googling “green paint + Oatlands.” As a transplanted Virginia/DC girl now living out in SF, it reminds me of home…Plus, I think you are hilarious. Love your Greenbrier posts and BravoTV mentions as well.

    • Hi Katie! Thanks for writing, and glad to know I have people actually reading my little blog! How fun to live in SF, I would love to visit there again it’s been years.

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