If My House Was On Fire

You know the ice breaker question they ask when you are at church camp, “If your house was on fire and you could only grab one thing, what would you get?” (And of couse everyone says their Bible).  Being the worst-case-scenario kinda girl that I am, I have emergency plans in place for several doomsday events… I have pepper spray in every room in my house, a metal rod under my bed, an escape plan for if my house is on fire and I need to get my dogs safely out of the second floor (I’d put them in a pillow case and drop them onto the bushes outside. Yes, I’ve thought this through).

But seriously now, if my house was on fire, and I had 10 seconds to grab stuff before I had to get out, I can think of a few things I would go for.  First are my mom’s old journals from the 70’s that she wrote from when she was in France, and all her recipes.  Besides that, I would be really sad to lose my Disney autograph book.  I’ve had it for over 20 years, and back in the day I was a serious Disney character autograph collector.


It’s totally beat up and falling apart but I love it.


Don’t worry, I don’t live at either of those two addresses anymore.  And besides one of them is spelled horribly wrong (Ridgveiw [Ridgeview]).  I also love how I spelled my name wrong.


My very fist one, Minnie of course.  Eventually I started noting the year I got them…


(Sorry, I put a filter on this one and not on the others).  This one was always my favorite.  I loved her curvy signature.


This is another oldie I’d grab.  I’m not sure how long I’ve had it or who gave it to me, although it was sometime after my mom died and before my step-mom entered the picture so between the ages of 4-10.


I think it’s precious how my dad wrote in all my family member’s birthdays and anniversaries (including Ribbon our dog).  I always loved how Ribbon and I had the same birthday.  She was a great dog.


So that’s my list.  Part of me knows that if I had even two minutes I would run straight to my closet and grab piles of close and start chucking them out the window.  But knock on wood I’ll never have to do that :)

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