Car Insurance


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I’m not sure why, but in the last few weeks my cell phone has exploded with calls from telemarketers, obviously from India, wondering if I knew about super low car insurance rates.  I have been fairly polite so far, but it’s gotten to the beyond annoying point, so I feel it is time for me to take this situation into my control and make them regret ever calling me.


  • When they call, act very excited, then ask if they can wait a minute while I get a pen to write down what they are saying, set the phone down and leave them waiting till either my phone dies or they hang up.
  • Offer to buy the car insurance IF they can name all 50 states in reverse alphabetical order.
  • Sing anything Celine Dion to them.
  • Quiz them on general U.S. government knowledge like: name the 3 branches of government, name our current Vice President, or ask who the 16th President was.
  • Tell them Julie is dead and start wailing.
  • Demand they give me their cell phone number so I can call them 5 times a day.

Any other ideas?

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