My 'Easter Basket' just came in the mail... a subscription to #BirchBox... Beauty samples every month, woohoo!

For my ‘Easter basket’ this year my parents got me a subscription to Birchbox.  I had never heard of it but am familiar with the idea, I for a while was subscribed to Le Parcel (which was great).  The deal is you get a package once a month of beauty product samples that are tailored for your needs (skin type, body type, etc…).

Woop my monthly gift came- the good one from @birchbox! #birchbox

I am totally loving it.  It is so fun to find great new products that I may have never heard of.  I think this makes an awesome gift, seriously what girl would not want this?

Some other great monthly gift kinda deals:

  • Barkbox– This one I just subscribed to and can’t wait to get… basically the same thing as Birchbox but it’s for your dog, full of treats and toys :)  Use my link to sign up and you get $5 off.
  • Le Parcel which I already mentioned (gentlemen cover your ears for a minute) Le Parcel is lady products, chocolate and a gift every month.  I loved this and would still be doing it if they didn’t have an absurdly high minimum you needed to order every month.

Do you know of any other monthly thingamajigs like this?  Let me know, I’d love to spend more money I don’t have!

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