Home Again, Home Again Jiggety Jig

upload I got back on Friday from London, and I am tired, happy to be home, and on a croissant induced high.  I was there for two weeks with my Masters program.  We were studying the history of architecture and interiors as well as developing our sketching.  It was a great experience.  Taking two weeks out of life was difficult, but I learned a ton and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity. G'night from London! Just now got dark. View from my flat- that's St. Paul's in the distance.

View from my flat

Favorites Favorite Building Brighton Royal Pavilion was the most spectacularly amazing building I've ever seen. So sad they didn't allow pictures inside- google it, it was breathtaking! #interiordesign  #architecture Brighton Royal Pavilion was the first building where I have walked into a room and been left speechless.  It had the most remarkable interiors I’ve ever seen.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside and I was so bummed, it was breathtaking.  It was built in the late 1700’s as a royal palace.  Its style was chinoiserie (Chinese) and Indian, or how they thought Chinese and Indian interiors and architecture was back then.  In the Great Hall there is a massive chandelier that has a dragon at the top… take a look at some photos on Flickr that other people snapped of the chandelier (tisk tisk! but thanks!). Experience I spent £20 on chocolate at Harrod's today because this is. the. most. amazing chocolate I have ever tasted. Visiting Harrods.  I was not prepared for Harrods- who knew it was such a tourist destination, it had such amazingly beautiful interiors, and most importantly, the best chocolate I have ever had (Prestat).  And I don’t take this lightly, I am a connoisseur of chocolate.  Which leads me to… Favorite Food Being in Europe, and being next door to France, I made it my duty to eat at least one chocolate croissant a day.  Let me tell you, we don’t make croissants like they do in Europe.  Is there anything better that bread + chocolate? I was told to also try steak and ale pie while over their, a traditional English pub food.  It was good!  Honestly you could make anything in puff pastry and I would love it. upload Ben’s Cookies- my sister hounded me to get some cookies from Ben’s while I was there.  They were delish- very cakey, and I am more of a chewy cookie girl, but really, really good nonetheless. Favorite City High tide on the Thames and the cutest pub. (Yes it has a tide). Richmond, Richmond, Richmond. (Not to be confused with Richmond, Virginia, which is also lovely).  Richmond, England sits right on the Thames outside of London.  It has the most charming riverside.  It is also where a lot of celebrities live (Brad + Angie, Mick Jagger…).  We ate at the cute little pub pictured above.  The town is a must-see if you are in the area. Notting Hill was so charming and my favorite part of London! Accidentally on purpose got lost there wandering around and loved all the beautiful houses! Notting Hill in London is a close second.  The word of my visit was ‘charming’, everything was just so lovely, and Notting Hill embodied the charm of London. Things I Will Not Miss Breathing in cigarette smoke constantly, because everyone smokes.  Inhaling cigarette smoke = instant migraine for me. Europeans inability, or lack of desire to form neat and orderly lines (or queues).  This always drives me CRAZY when I am in Europe.  Get in line, don’t cut, first come, first serve! Things I Learned

  • There are some good looking men in England.  I think it’s the way they dress- they (mostly) are all very polished and put together, very dapper.  American men, take note! (FYI- there is a whole tumblr dedicated to Hot British Men?!)
  • Diaper = Nappy.
  • Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother are on TV ALL THE TIME.  Subsequently, Big Bang Theory is incredibly obnoxious, not a fan.
  • Fish and Chips did not kill me.  I don’t eat seafood, but I really wanted to try fish and chips.  The fried batter part was great… the fish, not so much.
  • To quick sketch… my sketching went to a whole new level.  I learned the art of quickly sketching something, not getting so bogged down on details, but quickly capturing an image.

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