Help Find Homes for Two Rescue Dogs



Breaking from my normal blog content to share the stories of two dogs that in Arlington, VA is desperately trying find a foster or adopter for.  Please pass this along!



“Please read this special plea for these two loving dogs who desperately need your help.  Help us spread the word about Hobbes and Kayla so we can get them out of boarding and into a foster or adoptive home ASAP!

Hobbes came to us almost two years ago from a rural shelter where she faced euthanasia due to space. She spent weeks in daycare before finding a loving home. However, Hobbes became increasingly insecure and protective of her family around other dogs. And one day, a neighbor let his dog run up to Hobbes off-leash while out for a walk and a fight ensued. No fault of Hobbes since she was on leash and simply felt threatened! But sadly, her owners felt that they could not control her surroundings and gave her up.

Hobbes is not good with other dogs any more. Her experience has made her too nervous and she desperately needs a home without them! We have tried and tried to find her a foster or adoptive home and had no luck. She has been living in a boarding kennel for the past few months waiting patiently, becoming depressed.

Hobbes is fully housebroken, knows many commands and simply needs an experienced adopter who lives in a house (not an apartment) who can exercise her and manage her fear of other dogs…by not allowing her around them.

Kayla has a very similar story.  Coming to Homeward Trails a few years ago from a rural shelter with little hope of being adopted, Kayla had found her forever home, or so we thought.  She did wonderfully with the family, especially the children and thoroughly enjoyed her life with the family who loved her.  Unfortunately Kayla never was properly socialized around other dogs and did not learn to enjoy their company.  Dogs in her neighborhood were allowed to be off leash and harass her in her fenced yard and she finally was able to learn how to escape.  Once that happened, her family was unable to contain her and she would escape the yard and get into trouble with neighbor dogs.  Sadly Kayla was returned to Homeward Trails.

Kayla is a smart, friendly girl who is a perfect housemate.  She is housebroken, crate trained and well mannered, knowing many tricks and commands.  Without the distraction of other dogs, Kayla walks very well on leash.  She needs a house where she does not encounter other dogs that distract her (no condos or apartments for her).

Kayla has also been living in a boarding kennel for months where the lack of human companionship has taken its toll and she’s become depressed.  She had a short break in a foster home where she did wonderfully but the foster needed surgery and could no longer care for her.

We have now spent more than $4,000 boarding Hobbes and Kayla, securing dog walkers and trainers and trying to secure homes. We are about out of options and desperately need help. PLEASE –  both these dogs love to learn and we know once in a home, both dogs will make someone very happy. Kayla and Hobbes are AWESOME dogs with a major bad luck cloud looming over them.

PLEASE help us find a foster or adoptive home for Hobbes and Kayla and/or consider donating to their funds. We are turning away other animals that need us as we continue to pay for Kayla and Hobbes’ care.  They want to be part of a family and are now sad and depressed waiting too long.”

Meet Hobbes:

Donate to Hobbes’ Boarding:

Meet Kayla:

Donate to Kayla’s Boarding:

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