New Desk Chair

I’m looking for a new desk chair.  I’m looking for something white- and I love the look of Banker’s Chairs, but I’m not sure how comfy they would be to sit in for an extended period of time.


Armless Wood Banker’s Chair – Target – $129.99

Similar Chairs:

Oxford Adjustable Height Office Chair – – $179.00

Swivel Desk Chair – PB Teen – $229

So maybe something upholstered would be better.  I LOVE this chair from PB Teen:


Ooh La La Swivel Chair – PB Teen – $309

But I’m not about to spend $309 on a desk chair.

Here’s another I love from Ballard:


Elle Tufted Desk Chair – Ballard Designs – $589

$500 something dollars? No way.

And I do love egg chairs.  PB Teen has a great one:


Egg Desk Chair – PB Teen – $319.99

Throw me a bone PB Teen.  What teenager needs a $300 desk chair?  Thankfully IKEA has a much more reasonable substitute.

Check out my Pinterest Board for all my desk chair ideas.  Honestly though, even the cheapest chair is more than I’d like to spend, since I never actually sit at my desk.  I work mainly on the couch, so I think a Banker’s Chair would be ok.  Back to square one…

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