Dear Amazon

Dear Amazon,

I have an idea.  You know how those ‘of the month’ subscriptions that are super hot right now?  Like Birchbox, Barkbox, etc., where you get a monthly package of  beauty products or goodies for your dog.  Well, I was thinking, I have an Amazon wish list a mile long with books and kitchen gadgets and all kinds of random junk I’d love to get.  What if once a month an item from my wish list was sent to me?  I would never buy everything from my wish list at one time (I mean, I’d love to, but that would be very expensive and kind of ridiculous).  But if I got one random, surprise thing from it once a month, fun!  You could set a monetary limit, for example, don’t send anything over $25 or $50.  Win win!  Sort of, I’d be out $25 but would have a new cookbook that would otherwise continue to sit in my wish list for the next 2-7 years.

What do ya think, Amazon?

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