Friday Five

Happy Friday!  Here are 5 things I’m digging this week:

Bliss Fat Girl Soap:   I’ve heard great things about this soap.  I’ve only been using it a week or two so I can’t attest to it really working, but what it supposedly does is (gentlemen- cover your ears) breakup cellulite by massaging the pockets of fluid that can accumulate on your skin.


Photo credit.

Scout Tote Bags:  I LOVE my Scout Pocket Rocket Bag.  They are super durable and this particular style holds everything.  My motto is: if I couldn’t fit a large Kindergartener in my bag, then it’s too small.


“The Not So Big House” by Sarah Susanka: This book is seriously changing my view of the American house and I LOVE it.  I’ve never been a fan of the huge suburban developments where all the trees have been torn down and all the houses look the same, or as the author puts it “massive storage containers for people” (Susanka, p. 9).  She talks about designing a house where architectural detailing comes before square footage, and how every SF has a purpose.


Performance Fabrics:  If you have children and/or pets in your house, I would highly suggest putting a performance, or indoor/ outdoor fabric on your upholstered furniture.  Indoor/ outdoor fabric has come a long way… you can now find fabrics that have the same ‘hand’ or feel of regular fabric, you don’t have to have the super stiff fabric if you want the durability of outdoor fabric.


Yogi Skin Detox Tea: Love this stuff.  Does exactly what is says- detoxes your skin, giving it a little glow.  Also has a great blueberry taste.  Two thumbs up.


Photo credit.

Enjoy!  Have a great weekend!

*All photos mine unless otherwise stated.

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