Design Roundup

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!  Here are my favorite things this week in the design world…

Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain Paint– I love this color because in some lights it’s a beautiful gray, and at other times it’s a beautiful navy blue.


Image Source

Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray 7019–  This is another beautiful gray, but really a true gray with no blue in it, and it’s a very saturated, deep hue.


Image Source

William Morris’ Prints–  William Morris was an early 20th century architect, designer, one of the fathers of the Arts & Crafts movement in America.  The A&C movement was a response to the industrial revolution where everything was machine-made with a lack of craftsmanship, so designers promoted hand-made, quality furniture and architecture.  I’ve always loved his prints, and when I was in London this summer we got to visit his Red House which had lots of his prints displayed throughout as wallpaper, upholstery, wall hangings…  Here are a few pictures I snapped, for more of his prints check out Pinterest.

Wallpapers I took close up pictures of from The Red House:




Wall hanging at The Red House:


And lastly, Creating Picture Galleries-

5 interiors - dustjacketImage Source

Source unknownImage Source

That’s all for this week!

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