Celine Playlist

So, I’m going to see Celine Dion in Vegas on New Year’s Eve (basically the greatest thing to ever happen to me).  It got me thinking, surely everyone would want to know my ideal playlist for a Celine concert.  You’ve been waiting with bated breath, right?

Here we go, not in order.  Please Celine, sing these?

  1. The Power of Love
  2. My Heart Will Go On (I think she is contractually obligated to perform this at every concert for the rest of her life).
  3. It’s All Coming Back to Me Now
  4. If That’s What It Takes
  5. River Deep, Mountain High
  6. The Reason
  7. Us
  8. O Holy Night (The BEST version of O Holy Night ever recorded).
  9. A New Day Has Come
  10. I Drove All Night
  11. Taking Chances
  12. Alone

(This shirt is so ridiculous it makes me laugh).



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