Design Roundup

Hey there!  Been a while.  Just finished my finals today so I’m ready to rejoin society.  Here’s what I’m loving in the design world this week:

Wait. When did Domino Magazine go back into print?  How did I miss this?  Did this happen like two years ago and I’ve been living under a rock?  Doing a happy dance right now!





I love this beautiful living room in their current issue- it belongs to NYC restaurateur Ali Cayne.  I love the drapes hung nice and high- a common mistake people make is hanging their drapes too low.



I’ve written before about my love for Nancy Meyers set design.  I ran across a set of photos from The Holiday- who wouldn’t want to live in that charming English cottage.  Long set of photos so bear with me: (All images via)


I don’t remember this bedroom?  Time to rewatch the movie I guess.


But, I mean… that bathtub. C’mon.





Does anyone know if this is a real place?  Who wants to go visit?



All images via

That’s about it for this week.  I hope everyone has a great last week before Christmas!

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