Carleton Varney Weekend at The Greenbrier

IMG_4640Pic I snapped of the fabulous Carleton Varney at The Greenbrier

Y’all! They are having an entire Carleton Varney weekend at The Greenbrier!  As a huge Dorothy Draper/ Carleton Varney fan I so wish I could be there.  I attended the Dorothy Draper School of Decorating (a one day lecture) this past Spring at The Greenbrier and it was phenomenal.  Draper was an incredibly influential decorator of the 20th century, whose designs included The Greenbrier.  Varney has continued on her tradition as head of Dorothy Draper & Co.  Draper was known for her bright colors and bold patterns you kind of feel like you are in a Dr. Seuss novel when you visit The Greenbrier.  Read more about them here.

From The Greenbrier’s Instagram

“Carleton Varney Weekend Friday, January 24 ~ Sunday, January 26, 2014 The Greenbrier has shared a 65+ year relationship with the legendary design firm of Dorothy Draper & Co. We invite you to join Carleton Varney – one of America’s most well-known interior designers and protégé of Dorothy Draper herself – for a fabulous weekend featuring talks, private walking tours, booksignings, cocktail parties and more at The Greenbrier!”

For more info visit The Greenbrier’s website.

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