Best Of

Here’s what I’m loving this week…

Piko Tops– They are tight in the arms and loose in the torso.  I have one in gray and black and love them- but of course I’d love anything you can wear with leggings.



BEHR Lotus Leaf Paint– my sister painted this color in her bathroom and I think it’s a great gray-green.  I normally shy away from Home Depot/ Behr paint but she has her whole apartment painted in various shades by Behr and they all came out really nice.



{For more of my favorite paint colors check out my Pinterest and Houzz boards.}

This filing cabinet from CB2:


via looks up all email lists you are on and lets you unsubscribe with just a few clicks.  (Totally sounds like they are paying me to say this, huh?).  I just made unsubscribing from over 50 email lists super simple.

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 10.16.20 PM


5k Runner App– So, I’ve decided to run a 5k.  Promise this is the last time you will hear of it, because people who constantly talk about the races they are running in are an obnoxious type, and I do not want to be that person.  My sister is getting married in April, and so as to not be a blimp going down the aisle in my creme colored bridesmaid dress, I decided I need motivation to workout on a regular basis.  I like this app because it gives you real clear guidance.  I originally searched “couch to 5k app” on my iPhone because that’s what was referred to me, but the 5k Runner app had better reviews, and I’ve been really happy with it.  I’m on week 2 day 3, they gradually work you up to running the whole time and it doesn’t see so bad.


PS- DC area folks… they are casting for a DIY Network design show.  More details here.

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