Best Of

Happy Friday!  It’s 48 degrees here in Northern Virginia today which feels like a tropical paradise compared to the weather we’ve been having.  And it’s nice and sunny… take that S.A.D.!  Here’s what I’m loving this week (and by the way, products I talk about are really, truly products I use and love, not getting paid for anything here):

1. Southern Livings’s 10 Tips for Building the Quintessential Southern Home.  I love the first tip “Thou Shalt Build Smaller.”  It reminds me of Sarah Susanka’s book “The Not So Big House” which I’ve written about before here.  Let’s say NO to massive developments where all the trees are torn down and the massive houses look like “storage containers for people” as Susanka calls them.


2. Jane Krakowski’s haircut (and Jane Krakowski in general).  I cut off six inches of hair last week and gave this picture to my hair stylist, now I pretty much look like this (I wish).  While we’re at it, lakes take a moment to relive some best-of Jenna Maroney moments on 30 Rock (and please tell me HOW she never won an Emmy for that character?!).


3. Moso bags– I love these air fresheners because they suck the bad smells out of the air rather than emitting a fragrance.  Plus they are all natural.  Great for people like me who have two stinky dogs running around the house.  I also keep one in my car.


4. Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil.  This goes on really smooth, and any product that let’s me skip having to use a brush to use eye shadow gets two thumbs up from me.


That’s all for this week!

PS- DC area design folks, I will be here, looks like it will be a great talk.

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