Design Roundup: Wallpapered Bathrooms

If you haven’t discovered Houzz yet, do your self a favor and don’t read this post.  Don’t click on any of the links.  Houzz is a beautiful, soul-sucking creature; one minute you are looking for an example of a kitchen with carerra marble, the next, it’s 8 hours later and you are still on Houzz because it’s just that consuming.  Chances are, if you read my blog you are probably a design-minded person like myself and it’s too late.  I’m sorry.

A Facebook friend posted a picture of a bathroom they liked the other day, they didn’t post where it came from and I was curious to know who the designer was and see some other pictures of the space.  A quick google reverse image search lead me to Houzz, of course.  Which lead me to pictures of other pretty bathrooms, which lead to an idea of a design roundup of wallpapered bathrooms.  So here ya go… if you are thinking about trying out wallpaper, but the thought of it kinda frightens you (it frightens me too), start with somewhere small like a powder room.

(I can’t get any space to stick between the photos and it’s kind of driving me crazy.  Oh wait, you didn’t notice, but now you do?  I had this post all ready to go Sunday night but every time I try and mess with the formatting I make it worse.)  Enjoy!  Happy Monday!

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