Design Roundup: Shingled Houses

“Shingle Style” houses, according to A Field Guide to American Houses, is a Victorian style home built between 1880-1910 featuring “Wall cladding and roofing of continuous wood shingles… shingled walls without interruption at corners (no corner boards); asymmetrical facade with irregular, steeply pitched roof line; roofs usually have intersecting cross gables and multi-level eaves; commonly with extensive porches…” (McAlester p. 373).

I don’t want to dissect all the houses below architecturally, but most of them appear to be new construction, and while they have singles on them, they aren’t traditional shingle style according to McAlester’s definition, or I guess even shingle style revival.  The second one appears to be Federal Style, as for the other three, I’m trying to figure out what you would call their architectural style.  I’m still learning.  Any architecturally savvy people want to weigh in? #NotAnArchitect.  Point is, they are houses with shingles applied to them, and I like them.

S  H  O  P  E       R  E  N  O      W  H  A  R  T  O  NImage Source: Found on Tumblr, and according to the source, this is Cedar Shake style. Designed by Shope Reno Wharton Architecture

markdsikes.comImage Source

traditionalhomeImage Source

traditionalhome2Image Source

More pictures to awe over of shingled houses on Houzz.

Happy Monday!

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