(Last) Week in Review

tumblr_n2i2r18fnh1rksy3io1_400image source

Hey there.  I never got around to doing a Best Of post last week, so here’s a little week-in-review post for you.

My sister is getting married next month, and her wedding invitation finally showed up at my house a month after she sent it.  Of course my sister would have Gregory Peck and Johnny Cash stamps.  She is SO much hipper than I.


This William Morris quote is one of my favorites- my sister sent it to me for the anniversary of my 21st birthday.


I also got around to framing my Holstee Manifesto, which is now hanging in my bedroom.  Big Holstee fan.


On Thursday I got to visit the Duralee Showroom at the DC Design Center for the DC ASID annual meeting.  This wall of tassel made me happy.


Also this couch.  I’m a sucker for Navy velvet and contrasting welt.

Find me on Pinterest or Twitter to see what I’m loving/ up to lately.

Have a great week, and stay warm! (It’s snowing for like the 45th time this winter here in Virginia.)

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