Best Of

tumblr_n1af9nOHpW1r1vjs5o1_1280Image Source here but I think it came from here

Happy Friday! Here’s what I’m loving this week:


I bought this dress in black from H&M last month and I’ve worn it once a week since I got it.  It’s super comfy and best of all, it’s only $18.

bushred-white-blue-stripesImage Source

This picture was not taken this week, but I came across a blog post of a collection of Bush 41’s socks, and whenever I see him with his crazy socks it makes me happy.

Kim-Kardashian-2014-Annual-Elton-John-AIDS-Foundation-Academy-Awards-Viewing-PartyImage Source

I loved this dress on Kim Kardashian this week.  Yes, it was a little too booby, but I am a sucker for a full-skirted dress.

tumblr_n1negaGD9Y1rm3sbjo1_500Image Source

This photo makes me nostalgic.  Time for a SATC marathon.

I ran across this post on Tumblr this week.  Does anyone else remember this book from childhood?  I remember it scaring the bejebus out of me.

The plethora or Leo Oscar posts still are making me smile.

The Real Housewives of New York City is back on. #TurtleTime

Last but not least, check out my latest post on The DC Ladies.  Have a good weekend!

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