Design Roundup: Pink and Gold

tumblr_m2rdg0YLS01rt5gj2o1_1280image source

I’ve been seeing pink + gold a lot lately, actually a lot the past few years.  I think it works, in interiors especially because you can dress up a traditional space that has gold accents with pops of pink and make the space feel eclectic/ edgy/ fun/ current.

tumblr_mzdjqm69DL1qazgvfo1_1280image source

It’s a new trend, with the influence of Lilly Pulitzer in fashion women probably got a little bolder with the use of color in their homes.  Using pink was certainly was the norm for Dorothy Draper who along with Elsie de Wolfe was one of the greatest decorators of the twentieth century.

tumblr_n0s7w3G6AJ1r96pomo1_1280image source/ Ruthie Sommers

I’m at the point in my Master’s (in Interior Design) where I’m writing my thesis proposal, and I’m choosing to do a historical research thesis as opposed to a design project.  I love learning about history, especially the history of architecture, interiors and the decorative arts.  Wouldn’t it be fun to spend the next year and a half studying how and when pink came into popularity in the home?  Maybe.

p_102105905image source/ Thuy Tranthi Rieder

I love these photos because they are against (mostly) a white background, so the pink + gold really don’t overwhelm.  They are just very… pleasing to the eye.

tumblr_n2l3oexdNc1qzhvr4o1_1280image source/ Vogue

This image below of a kitchen that Celerie Kemble did is what sparked my interest in doing a pink + gold blog post.  Those pendants are some kind of amazing…  (They look pink right? Photos read differently on different computers so who knows they could be brown/ gold/ bronze/ whatever in real life.  For the purposes of this post, they are pink.)

0ca1d499e7b3ac234220523cce7d5e09image source/ Celerie Kemble/ Zach DeSart

Have a great Monday, all!  Be sure to check out my latest posts on The DC Ladies and my Tumblr.


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