What’s Been Goin’ On

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Hey friends-

I hate when you ask people how they are, and they respond with “I’ve been busy.”


We’re all busy.  Especially here in the DC ‘burbs, where everyone is type A and going a million miles a minute.  It’s like if you are not busy, something is wrong with you.

That being said, I’ve been busy.  I so wish it was my full-time job to blog, because I love it so much.  Writing comes naturally to me, I get told often “you should write a book!”  Trust me, I have a google doc laden with ramblings and notes to myself of ideas for a book.  Do I write a fiction/ novel?  Or a collection of short stories?  I digress.

I recently started consulting for a DC area decor firm.  I am also going to do some consulting for another area design and remodeling firm.  I’m very thankful for the opportunity to get design experience while I finish up my Master’s (1 more year left!).

I also am doing a very soft launch of my own design business, Julie Daniel Design.  I made this website in approx. 2.5 minutes, so pardon the lack of anything going on over there.  I am offering a very limited ‘menu’ of services while I am in school.  Check it out if you’d like.  (Oh, and, if you were accessing my blog through juliedanieldesign.com, that link now takes you to my design site, as you have probably already gathered.  If find a broken link on either my blog or design business site, please let me know.  Thinks may have gotten wonky when I was shuffling around domains).

What else has been goin’ on…

My sister is getting married in 18 days.  I am so looking forward to heading out to California for a week.  I love her hispter neighborhood of Echo Park, Los Angeles and its gazillion little locally owned coffee shops.  I love that they strive to use reclaimed materials in the design of their stores.  It’s a real community oriented little neighborhood, and I would totally move there in a heart beat.

So that’s the 411.  As always, find me on Twitter/ Tumblr/ Tumblr/ Pinterest, etc….

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