Netherfield Park is Let at Last

*Warning: rambling post about Pride & Prejudice and Colin Firth in general, with no real point.  Read on.heytheredesignimage source/ heytheredesign

I feel the need to admit that I am a HUGE Pride & Prejudice fan.  Maybe I should rephrase it, I am a HUGE 1995 BBC TV mini-series Pride & Prejudice fan.

p&pimage source

It recently hit me that I have never actually read the book.  Like, really read the book.  I think it was required reading in middle school, but at that point in life it did not make much of an impact on me.  And as I am also a fan of You’ve Got Mail, it’s probably safe to say that I would be a huge disappointment to Kathleen Kelly.

So, time to remedy this situation and get caught up on a little Jane Austen.  And maybe watch it for the 174th time.

PS- Did y’all see the pictures of statues all over England of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy coming out of the lake?  In case you missed you, check out Colin Firth on The Tonight Show talking about this memorable scene from P&P the miniseries.

colin-firth-statue-mr-darcyimage source

PS- BBC: the 20(!) year anniversary of Pride & Prejudice is coming up- time to digitally remaster and rerelease it.

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