The Conversation Piece

I started this post out as a ‘Best Of’ post with The Conversation Piece being one of ‘the best’ of the week, but I think their product and mission are so great that they deserve their own post.

The other month I was helping my good girl friend, Patty (or Patricy as she is known in my phone) decorate via text message (maybe I should add decorating via text message to my menu of services?).  Patty lives in Georgia and was wanting to spruce up her living room.  After she bought the rug seen above and a lamp shade or two, I mentioned to her that I thought a new coffee table would really bring the place together- I think in our text convo I even said reclaimed wood.  Her friend in Georgia had recently opened up a furniture company, and so she was able to score this beautiful reclaimed wood coffee table in the picture below.  The Conversation Piece is a furniture company in Hiram, Georgia, and I will let them tell you a little about what they do:

“The Conversation Piece is a furniture company that employs men that have overcome addictions. We provide these men with the opportunity to use their hands to create beautiful handmade furniture. By doing this, we receive the privilege of walking alongside of them to ensure they receive the healthy growth that is needed in order to have a full recovery.” 

20140627-194456-71096784.jpgPhoto via Patricia Antcliff

I love using reclaimed products and supporting small & local businesses, so it made my heart happy that she chose a coffee table from them.  Head over to their website to check out all of the great pieces you can buy from them!

20140627-194457-71097169.jpgPhoto via The Conversation Piece 

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