What Not To Do When Your Friend Gets Married

I did something truly terrible.  Really bad.  My friend Emily got married last June- like a year ago June, and I….never got her a wedding present.  (Insert boos, hisses and shameful looks)… Let me try and explain, I was in England for the two weeks right before her wedding- I think I flew in the day of or the night before she got married.  And let me tell you something, I do NOT handle time change well.  At all.  I felt so crummy for the first month I was back in the states that I finally ended up going to the urgent care… (did I contract malaria in England? West Nile Virus?). Nope, just extreme jet lag which lasted a few weeks.  A few weeks later I got sick as a dog with a parasite (?!?) which I SWEAR my foster dog gave to me (even though the doctor said that my theory was unlikely), I started a new job, and then fall semester started, I quit that new job, and then came the holidays, Celine Dion, spring semester, and then before I knew it, it had been a year and I had not gotten her a present.  None of these are legit excuses, I know, especially since my norm is to buy a couple their gift a month or two before they get married and have it shipped straight to them (ps- as a former wedding planner, friends, please ship presents straight to the couple, don’t bring it to the wedding)…

So here we are, a year later, and I am going to try and make up for this egregious behavior by helping her out with a few good sources for throw pillows.  She and her husband are settling into their new home and she mentioned they are in need of some color on their white sofa.  So let’s get down to business: where can a gal score a cute throw pillow or two?

Caitlin Wilson– I’m not sure I could adequately convey in a blog post my love for Caitlin Wilson textiles.  Her pillows page on her site is like being inside a dream- a wonderful dream of pink and navy chinoise.  It would be like picking between children to point out a few, so I will leave you with this:

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 9.05.55 PMphoto via

Umba– I’m new to Umba, so from what I have gleaned so far Umba is Etsy-meets-independent consultant/ shop at home type of business (think Mary Kay/ thirty-one type of deal).  Their products are from independent artists and allows (mostly women I’m assuming) the ability to operate their own business selling Umba products. (Did I get that right? Correct me if I am wrong).  An instagram friend posted some of their pillows the other day, and I was smitten, so here are a few of my favorites:


  1. Ooh La La Pillow
  2. Lace & Cotton Pillow
  3. Happily Ever After Pillow
  4. Citron Pillow

Dash & Albert and it’s sister company Pine Cone Hill are always good bets- both are the creation of  the fabulous Annie Selke.


  1. Surina Coral Pillow by Pine Cone Hill
  2. Fresh American Flora Crewel Pillow by Pine Cone Hill
  3. Fresh American Admiral Navy Pillow by Dash & Albert

Hen House Linens has some fun and colorful pillows as well, plus they are a little more affordable:

HenHouseimage via

And then there is the ever faithful Etsy and Homegoods.  If that’s not enough, check out here and here and here and here and here.

And I leave you with this gem:

VAimage via

Hope that helps, friend!

One thought on “What Not To Do When Your Friend Gets Married

  1. I just adore this entire roundup! How on earth am I EVER going to be able to narrow down these wonderful choices?!? :) I’m bookmarking this page to return to again and again! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction friend! Just giddy about every single one of these!

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