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Hello blog,

In most of the online blogging classes I take, the general message is to set up an editorial calendar of when you want to blog and what you want to blog about. But that just doesn’t work for me. I like to write as it comes to me, and with seasons changing- weather wise, school wise, job wise, sometimes writing just doesn’t happen for a few weeks, and then it comes suddenly. Like now, this week, I’ve been feeling the urge to write. I never want to be a blogger who posts just for the sake of posting, I want to write because I have something to share that’s been on my mind, share things that I’ve been loving lately. I want a blog that is organic and authentic.

So here I am. I will be graduating in May (knock on wood) with my Master’s in Interior Design, which slightly freaks me out, but I’m looking forward to the changes it will bring.


I’m not sure what is going on this week, but I’ve been hit on like crazy.

“Julie, Julie, Julie… You’re so pretty, are you married?”

“Oh, no, but I have a boyfriend…” (Lie.)

“Well damn, that’s a shame…”

How does one respond to this? Just smile and nod.

And then there was the guy at Starbucks. Do you ever get the feeling when you are walking by someone and you just know they are staring at my behind. Pretend to not notice. Just keep walking.

“Hey girl I like your style… real (didn’t quite catch what he said, either ‘low key or lucky’).”

Either way equal parts offended and flattered. I learned a long time ago that when a man asks you if you are married or have a boyfriend, you always respond that you are dating someone. And it’s serious. In fact, he is in the FBI, or CIA, or fire fighter, or whatever comes to my mind first at that moment.


“I can hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.” –George W. Bush

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