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Hey world-

Gosh it was a rough semester–4 grad classes is a LOT to handle. I’ve basically taken the month of December to recover. I didn’t want to let the month pass without a single post though, so here’s what I’ve been loving lately:

Ayres Body Butter. It smells and feels amazing. Another Birchbox find.


SJP Alyssa Peep Toe Booties– Sarah Jessica Parker recently launched a shoe line and came to town the other month to sign items from the line (yes, she signed the bottom of shoes). Being a very poor grad student, I do not own any over her shoes (I believe they are manufactured by Manolo Blahnik)–i.e., they are fairly expensive.


This woman actually curtsied to SJP (as would I, if I had gotten to meet her).

I went to her shoe signing at Nordies not expecting to meet her since I wasn’t going to be purchasing anything, and I didn’t get to meet her. But y’all, when she was leaving she walked right by me, so close I could have reached out and grabbed her. Thankfully I had my senses and didn’t, but oh my it was exciting. Like any red blooded American girl, Sex and the City is my jam and taught me everything about love and relationships I did not (surprise surprise) learn growing up in a conservative Evangelical home. So imagine me, sharpie in one hand, pink velvet Sex and the City complete series in the other, sweating profusely while standing practically in the middle of a clothing rack, and SJP walking by and me thinking “if I wanted to, I could jump on you and hug you.” Instead I chose to stare like a deer in headlights and just whisper “I love you.”


Julie the #Creeper


Hi, friend. Can I hug you?

Major creeper, I know. Anyways, the point it… several women that night were wearing these peep toe booties, and gosh darnit, I NEED them. Doubtful that I will ever own them anytime soon though, but a girl can dream.


This pore refiner by Dr. Brandt, found on Ipsy. It’s the smoothest stuff you will ever put on your face, and has a little tint in it, which is good enough to count as a full face of makeup for me. I spend probably 3 minutes on makeup in the morning, so something that moisturizes, refines and covers blemishes gets two thumbs up in my book.

73f48f90924b6ac048dc2ed971219d3b (1)

Make it Happen– Lara Casey just published her first book–as in it came out today. I just got it in the mail a few hours ago and am only a few pages in so I can’t give a full critique, but man do I love her. I am a huge LC goupie, and anything she puts her name on I am down to buy. Looking foward to digging in to it. Her powersheets have really helped me with goal setting and separating the daily to dos from long term goals.

0a49e2419b87df341a2f749a22d85d63Image Source

I heard this quote by Shauna Niequist while listening to Around the Table Podcast (which is another thing I am loving), and this quote really struck a chord with me. I’m looking forward to reading some of her books. (By the way, I just got into the Kindle world, and oh my is it life changing–I know I’m about 5 years late to the party).



This chili recipe. My stepmom made it the other day, and oh my is it good. Surrriously.

The complete novels of Jane Austen, which Santa so thoughtfully purchased for me off of my Amazon wishlist for Christmas.

This documentary on the Architecture studio, which has a lot of parallels with the interior design studio process.

These Bean boots. Totally not necessary for Virginia winters, but they’re cute.

That’s all for now…. follow along on Twitter or Pinterest to see what else I am loving.

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