What Is My Life?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what is the best platform for my design blogging, life blogging and short stories/non-fiction writing which I’m hoping to do a lot more of. Up until this point, just about everything went on this blog. While pondering where these different topics would best be suited, I got a little overwhelmed trying to organize it all in my head. We designers use bubble diagrams often in space planning, so naturally I decided to ‘bubble it out’ help while I was trying to sort out all my different online personas…

… which led to this monstrosity above. No wonder I was having trouble working this all out in my head.

One of the biggest things I’ve been thinking about is where to blog about design so that I can monetize it through affiliate links. I’m not sure if this blog is the place. I’d like to do that type of posting several times a week, and it might get annoying on here. I want it to be on a place that either gets a lot of traffic already (e.g. someone else’s popular blog), or someplace more interactive, like Tumblr. I already have a design inspiration Tumblr and a design advice Tumblr (and a secret Tumblr where I just reblog funny stuff online). At the moment I’m thinking about incorporating design blogging onto my design advice Tumblr. I think Tumblr is a great platform–it’s kinda like Pinterest in Twitter format, but more social. I posted on here that I was going to be switching all of my design blogging over to my business site, juliedanieldesign.com. The more I thought about that, it just didn’t makes sense–I don’t get a lot of traffic there, it’s not a space I’d like to be very interactive.

I’d like to write more, and I was trying to find a good medium for this writing, and right now it turns out Medium.com is working best to write non-fiction, at least for now. I do have one post up on McSweeney’s, and I’d love to get more up there.

So I’m not totally sure what I am going to be posting here. And I could wake up tomorrow and change my mind about all of this, so we will see where I end up. You definitely need to write for your audience, and various platforms are best at reaching different crowds.

And God forbid I ever get married, if that happens, I can’t imagine having to do this all over again with a different name. Oy.


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