About Me

“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful–that will be my life.”

-Elsie de Wolfe

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Hey, I’m Julie.  I am a…

Interior Designer (MA, Allied ASIDLEED Green Associate)

“Curmudgeonly Spinster” -My Sister

JMU Alum

Compulsive cookbook collector

Design Blogger

Native Virginian

Chocolate, bread and butter lover (I could live off these 3 foods)

Social media junkie (Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr/Pinterest)

Dog foster/Dog mom

Perpetual faller-downer

Recovering Wedding Planner

Liz Lemon/ Bridget Jones/ Mindy Lahiri incarnate

Baseball fan (go Nats)

I want to…

Get out of student loan debt (thanks, Masters)

Write a book

Have a house with a large fenced-in back yard for my dogs

Give up caffeine. Give up caffeine. {This will never happen.}

Finish my Masters

Become a LEED AP

Pass the NCIDQ

Attend the Making Things Happen Conference

Attend Alt Summit (Honestly I’d just like to be a professional conference goer… is that a thing?)

Catch a foul ball at a major league baseball game

See Celine perform in Vegas (But I want to go again… who’s down?)

Take a class on Photoshop/ Illustrator/ InDesign

Learn to take photos with a camera that isn’t my iPhone

Take a round the world cruise

Take a cruise on the maiden voyage of a ship (I love cruises, can you tell?)

Take a writing class

Take a pet CPR class

Hop on the next flight out to Paris

Travel to… Saudi Arabia (for the architecture especially in Dubai)/ any and all of Scandinavia/ Germany/ Switzerland/ Hawaii/ Monaco/ Beijing/ Scotland & Ireland…


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Interior Design:

L’Abri Interiors 

About this blog/ policies, etc…

In an effort to post content that is 100% authentic and my voice, at this time I am not doing sponsored posts.

All companies/products I write about on my blog are things that I really, truly use and love.

Links to Amazon products may be an affiliate link, which means I earn a commission if you buy whatever it is I linked to. (If I happen to remember to use an affiliate link, which is the biggest hurdle.)

Negative comments will not be posted. In fact, for the time being I am disabling comments. (People can be mean on the internet, darnit!)

Interested in sidebar or footer advertising? Contact me through the contact page to tell me about your product. I have no media kit at this time, sorry.

Pretty please, let me know if you see a type or broken link by sending me a message on the contact page.


That’s all folks!