My Sister Got Married Part 2


My older sister got married this past Valentine’s day so I wanted to share a few pictures and stories from the day. (All professional photos are by the wonderfully talented Krystal at Sweet Pea Studios.)


I posted last spring about my younger sister’s April wedding (see posts here and here), so between those two weddings + nearly four years as a wedding planner, I am 100% eloping or having a low-key destination if and when I get married. It really is just sooo much work to pull off a wedding.


Given the fact that she only got engaged in December, I’d say we pulled off a really pretty wedding despite the short planning timeline.


My sister wore my mom’s veil.


If you live in Northern Virginia I’m sure you are familiar with Pastries by Randolph. Nothing they sell is not amazing, and the cake was seriously so, so good.


I’ve never been to or planned a brunch wedding before, but it was great. Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s are always okay in my book.

I took like 2 pics at @aclairebear's wedding, whoops. #danielgordonwedding

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Someone thought I was pregnant. “You look healthy!” Uhhhhh…. #awkward. It was February, gosh darn it, it’s just my winter layer.

Sister selfie #danielgordonwedding

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My stepmom’s friend, Kim Love did the flowers and did an outstanding job. Funny thing is, she and my stepmom put all the flowers out in the garage the day before the wedding and they all froze. So she had to go back and rebuy and remake all the flowers. None of us knew until this week.

Happy Valentine's Day wedding day, Claire & Greg! ❤️🌹🍀 #danielgordonwedding

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I wanted to write down all the questions or references to being single I got over the weekend. Things got a little crazy once everyone got into town, so despite being told many times things like “You’re next!” and “You’re time will come (insert worried/sad face)”, the only thing I had managed to write down in my phone was “Don’t worry, you’ll have a family of your own one day.” Thanks?

First dance ❤️ #weddings #danielgordonwedding

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The dinner jacket (below) was my sister’s first attempt at a faux fur jacket for the day. It was comical how ridiculous it looked. Gotta love Rent the Runway.

A dinner jacket that didn't make the cut for #danielgordonwedding wedding.

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Other vendors:

Day of Coordinator: Lynn Nelson at Bridal Silhouette

DJ: One and Done Events

Venue: Kenwood Country Club in Bethesda, MD

Cake: Pastries by Randolph

Bridesmaids Dresses: Anthropologie and Nordstrom (mine)

Programs: Minted

Invitations: Paperless Post

Hair and Makeup: Trish Langley at My Mobile Salon

Photo Booth: Pixelated Photo Booth (Not pictured here, but photos can be seen at #danielgordonwedding on instagram.)



I posted the other week a few pictures of my sister’s wedding, and now I wanted to share her wedding video.  It’s a tear jerker.  Enjoy!

Katherine & Kyle Wedding April 26, 2014 from Katherine Daniel on Vimeo.

Her photographer also wrote a blog post with some photos from the day. Check it out here.

My Sister Got Married

My sister got married last month, so between that (which included a week + in California) and finishing up three classes for the semester (which included submitting my thesis proposal), blogging has taken a backseat to life.

Here are a few pics, enjoy! Search #KublerWedding on instagram for more (like this, one of my favorites!).

Credit for a few of the photos goes to Sue Langlie- thanks for letting steal them :) IMG_8908

I am the newest fan of Drybar + blow out bars in general.  They did a great job on the bridesmaids’ hair.




Bouquets, and mint milanos.


Obviously I didn’t take this one.


Totally surprised my dad held it together.


Seriously the most gorgeous venue.


Don’t let the picture fool you, it was very windy and everything on the tables was flying everywhere.


Welcome to the Daniel craziness, brother!


Step-mom’s side of the family.


I would like record to state that I wanted a food truck wedding long before my sister had the idea to have one.


Food truck weddings are the way to go people. They were a total hit.


The bar, in case you weren’t sure.


Two of her friends did all the the lettering/ graphic design for the wedding.  Everything turned out beautifully.


Happy couple.


In-N-Out, obvi.


4+ years of wedding planning gets the credit for the cute napkin fold I thought of.  They were a lot cuter- this picture is a little disheveled.  There also was a sprig of Rosemary? I think next to the silver (bamboo) ware.


Every bouquet needs an artichoke.


Seriously, this venue was perfect.


There was even a too-cute Father of the Bride-like house.


Get away car, because my sister was obsessed with this car when she was little (’57 Chevy).



Also, my older sister reminded me throughout the night that I had WAY TOO MUCH MAKEUP ON, so I am sorry to all in attendance.


My pretty sister.  And Kyle was there.


One of my fave photos.


Father/ Daughter


Lark cake shop in LA made the cake, and it was delish.  Best cake in LA.  The cake topper came from Etsy.


Smores station, in case you couldn’t figure that out.


A little blurry, but you get the vibe.


Sister with her bestie in the photo booth.


I don’t know what this is.


Did I mention there was a 3rd food truck?  Cool Haus ice creak sandwiches, coffee + hot chocolate. NOM.


I did not participate, nor will I ever participate in a conga line.  Although I happily will take a picture.


These are my sisters.


Such a fun day!

Venue: McCormick Home Ranch, Camarillo, CA

Cake: Lake Cake Shop, Los Angeles

Bride’s Dress: BHLDN

If you are curious about any of the other vendors, let me know.

Parent’s Wedding Menu


This is the wedding menu from my parent’s wedding in 1980.  I have it hanging framed in my house- my parent’s met in France while my mom was living there as a missionary, hence the French menu.




Full text- PLEASE comment with spelling errors (due to me reading the calligraphy wrong) and translations.  I’m going to give my best attempt at translations, I’m not going to look up what I don’t know at the time being because that would take forever.

Réception pour (Reception for)

Mr. et Mrs. Ken Daniel

Fourth Presbyterian Church

23 Août 1980 (August 23, 1980)

Paté de foie volaille

Terrine de veau

Mousse de saumon (Salmon mousse?)

Terrine de crevettes aux petits légumes (? with small vegetables?)

Pain de campagne en surprise (Champagne bread?)

Pain bis au raisin sec (Wet raisin bread?  That can’t be right)

Pain de seigle

Salade de concombres à la menthe (Mint cucumber salad)

Salade de riz betterave et petits pois (Rice salade ? and small ?)

Assortiment de barquettes: (Assortment of ?)

-Crème de camembert et cresson (Creme of camembert and ?)

-Crevettes au sauce andalouse (? with andalouse sauce)

Petites feuilletés: (Small ?)

-D’asperges sauce mornay (? sauce ?)

-Salade de poulet à l’estragon (Chicken salad ?)

Tarte à l’oignon (Onion tarte- I know I got that one right_

Tourte aux moules normande (Some kind of cake)

La Tour Eiffel aux légumes (Eiffel Tower made out of vegetables)

Arcs de Trimomphe  de l’Etoile au fruits de l’eté (Arcs de Triomphe ? with fruits ?)

Plauteau des fromages (Cheese plate)

Charlotte aux pêches et framboises (? peach ?)

Charlotte au chocolat (Chocolate Charlotte- what is that?)

Tartelletes au quelques fruits (? with assorted fruit)

Paris-Brests (huh?)

Croquembouche (Croquembouche- a cake of creme puffs)

Gâteau (Cake)

Here are a few pics from the day.  I think this is all there is of the food: Not sure what this is ..

This must be the Veggie Eiffel Tower:

Just for fun, here is my (maternal) grandparent’s wedding photo from 1945 (I think).  I don’t have a scanned photo of my parent’s at their wedding, otherwise I’d post it too.

Aren’t they cute?

The Day After

… the day after a wedding I planned.  I’m sure J.Lo didn’t drive with the bride’s bouquet between her legs.

Ain’t a glamorous job, unlike many people would think.  But I love it.

Hello World

Well hello, has it been a month?  I think I forgot I even had a blog for a moment there.  Things have been a little crazy since the end of April, I finished up my interior design classes for the semester and have had 3 weddings since then.

Isn’t this arch from last weekend’s wedding beautiful?  I usually am not a fan of arches and flowers on them but the florist did an absolutely beautiful job.

Here are a few more pictures from the day:


Mom’s Apple Pie Company

If you are ever in the Leesburg or Occoquan areas of Virginia you need to make it a point to stop by Mom’s Apple Pie Company.  Kinda like if you are near a drive thru Krispy Kreme, you are morally obligated to stop and get a dozen and eat them immediately.  Anyways, they have the most amazing pies.  They are constantly written up in Southern Living and I recently (and by recently I mean summer 2011) had the opportunity to try some of their pies at a wedding where I was the assistant planner.  They were to die for.

All photos credit Photography by Mandi White (who is by the way an amazing photographer.  Book her for your wedding).




I’m a huge fan of calligraphy for wedding invitations, place cards, wherever either done by hand or letter pressed.  Just wanted to share some photos I’ve found online recently of calligraphy I love.

I think this example is my favorite- from Designs by Robyn Love.  Everything of her’s is drool worthy.

From Style Me Pretty

From Bella Figura

Fall Winery Wedding

I coordinated a wedding recently in Virginia’s beautiful wine country.  Here are a few iPhone shots from the day…

A cat lives on the property of the winery and found his way into the reception… I had to yank him off the barrel before he pawed at the cake.  Reason # 2,476 to hire a wedding planner.