Curated Kravet Inspiration Board

One of my favorite fabric lines, Kravet, just came out with a line of furniture and accessories, Curated Kravet:unique pieces hand selected from the global design market, offered made-to-order or in-stock and ready to ship…”

Since I have a gazillion things going on at the moment and my brain is on overload, I wanted to wind down and get some creativity flowing by throwing together a little inspiration board. Here is one I made of some fun pieces from the new Curated Kravet line:


Bao Foo Dogs

Sagano Branch Table Lamp

Sergeant Console

Poppy Velvet Pillows

Sandrine Chaise – Velvet

Raja Aqua Wallpaper

Wildflower 5 Art

Wildflower 3 Art

Collins Acrylic X-Bench

Aspen Burl Side Table

Mod Bianco Chair

Kravet Curated is available for purchase through a designer, so contact me if you are interested in any of the pieces.

Design Matters,


Pink + White

The Cherry Blossoms reached their peak this past weekend, which means there is a lot of pink + white across the region. I’m moving to California in a few weeks, so I’m trying to savor the changing seasons + the little things I know I will miss here in metro DC. On my bucket list is: Georgetown Cupcake (the Bethesda location, because there is no way I’m dealing with the Georgetown location tourist madness), Gravelly Point (been there a gazillion times, but it’s my favorite), and to eat as much BBQ as possible because I’m scared they won’t have legit Carolina/Virginia BBQ in California (Texas BBQ does not count).

Here’s a little inspiration board of pink + white home accessories.


Pink Cacti from Artfully Walls

Pink Mosaic Wastebasket from Furbish

Pig from Stray Dog Designs

Small Rectangular Lacquer Tray from West Elm

Teak Step Stool from Serena & Lily

Poppy Floral Tea Caddy Lamp from Furbish

Chateau Rug from Anthropologie

Tini IV Accent Table in Pink from Oomph via Domino

Pink Birds from Natural Curiosities via Domino

Here are some other inspiration boards I have made. What color should I do next?


A podcast I listen to, Around the Table, has a segment called “Read, Watch, Listen, Follow.” I thought it would be a fun idea to start doing this as well at the end of posts, instead of “Best Of” posts I have previously been doing.

Read: Houzz Design Dictionary

Watch: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Hashbrown no filter)

Listen: The Lively Show (my all time favorite podcast)

Follow: I Have This Thing with Floors on Instagram


Check out my latest post, Spring Design Reads on The DC Ladies

Have a good week!


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IKEA Art + Posters

Loving IKEA’s current selection of artwork.

Click image for link.


My sister introduced me to this company BILK that creates some pretty cool wall stick on art and decor.  I’m totally digging it.

Click image for link.

Headboards on the cheap!


My Favorite Place On Earth Part 3

More from The Homestead.  I thought this would be the last post, but it is going to take one more to get all the pictures up.  This is only because my computer is. so. slow. and it takes about 3 hours to put together 1 post and by the time I have uploaded 10 pictures I want to pull my hair out.

Chandeliers… yes.  I love the orangey color of this room… kind of a burnt orange.  That is why I love The Homestead, even though it was built in 1776 it and you feel like you stepped back in time when you are there, they have some awesome paint colors: pink, purple, orange.  Love it.

Love black and white tiled floors.  I want them in my foyer.  Not that I have a foyer…

This is a pretty pink.  Lovely.  I love their bathrooms- the gold framed mirrors, the marble, the sconces…

Just lovely.  This is in the pink ladies room.  The poor women who were using the loo when I was snapping pics…

The hallway to the spa = pure bliss.

And the hallway is just lovely.  Pinks and greens and blues and window seats and vaulted ceilings, I could live in this hallway.

Me lounging before my massage.  The actual massage was not one of the best ones I have had, but the women’s lounge was just lovely.

Oh how I love art work grouped like this.  This is what you do when you have a large wall to fill.

Leaving the spa… sad…

One last post on The Homestead to come!

Top Two Design Mistakes

I’ve posted before here and here about these two mistakes, but I wanted to share them with you again because I see this all the time in people’s houses.

1) Placing all the furniture in a room against the walls. Now I know sometimes this is inevitable if you live in cramped quarters, but if you have the room try out a few different arrangements.

I love the living room in father of the bride.  The couches are smack dab in the middle of the living room… I love this arrangement (and this movie).  I think the whole house is timeless.


2)  Artwork/ Pictures that are too small for the wall. I often see in people’s houses teeny tiny frames on huge white walls.  Think big!

Love this mirror (all following images lustfully stolen from Pottery Barn).



Grouping smaller items together is a great idea!




Tip of the Day: Hanging Artwork

A common mistake that people make is hanging artwork or pictures that are way too small for the wall.  In my opinion, the bigger the better.  One little tiny picture on a large wall is a major no no.

A good rule to follow when hanging pictures is to hang them in odd numbers, 1, 3, 5…  The only exception is 2 which is perfectly fine.

Seaweed print collection from Garnet Hill:

t_detail-2Ok, I know what you are thinking, there are 6 pictures hanging on this wall.  But the arrangement is fine since there are 2 rows and 3 pictures in each.  A collection of prints is always a good idea.

I’m craving these two prints from Garnet Hill as well, I’m thinking about them for my living room.



Pics of more examples to come tomorrow…

Awesome Prints

I just love the artwork that John & Sherry from This Young House (I say that as if I know them) have for sale at their online shop.  Love their blog too.







1st Dibs Friday

Here is what is new and catching my eye this Friday at 1st Dibs:

French Ceiling Lights:


Is this a man or woman?  Spanish 17th Century Artwork:


Antique Steel Buffet:


I love these High Back Chairs: