Set Design: The Change Up


I saw the Change Up tonight and as soon as I got home I had to look online to get some information about the set design… I loved it.  Here is an LA Times Article with more information about the design and the designers so I won’t go into that, but I did just want to mention a few of my favorite design elements:

  • The whole entire kitchen.  White cabinets and black counter tops.  The dark floors.  Love the curtains, love the roman shades, Country Curtains sells similar ones that I’ve had my eye of for a few years now:
  • I thought the exterior of the house was beautiful but unfortunately I can’t find any photos of it online.  It was so Americana and reminded me a lot of the Father of The Bride House.
  • I loved the bathroom, especially the bathtub which I also couldn’t find a picture.  The whole bathroom was crisp, serene and spa like, but what else would you expect when the fixtures are from Restoration Hardware and Waterworks.
    I loved the whole house… the designers did a great job of creating a very elegant, comfortable house.

Just Lovely

I have always wanted a vanity and stool to do makeup, but have either lacked the money or time to get them.  Here are some lovely combos from the September 2008 issue of Domino Magazine:

I love the stripes and mirror:

gasl_vanities_02{Photo: Domino Magazine}

I love the stool in this one, from Ballard Designs:

gasl_vanities_14{Photo: Domino Magazine}

gasl_vanities_05{Photo: Domino Magazine}

Some day I am going to have a huge walk-in closet with an ottoman in it, just like this:

gasl_vanities_08{Photo: Domino Magazine}

10×15 Bathroom Design

In the rare case that any of you find floor plans as fun as I do, I will share…

I spent 2 hours in Interior Design class hand drafting this bathroom design tonight, the very last think I drew was the drain in the tub which I messed up.  I was upset, then I realized I put the wrong size doors on so I will need to redo it anyways.  And I fudged up the toilet.  This is why I wish I was doing AutoCAD!

Now that I look at it a few hours later there are so many things wrong.   I will post more later on the finishes and materials that are going into the room.  Enjoy!


To the right of the double sinks is a lowered makeup counter, to the left is a built in linen closet.


I love the Roman Shade especially.  This is blue done right.

2-cabrol-0309-xlg-7388998{Photo: Thomas Loof,  Interior Design: Milly De Cabrol}

{All photos below by Ngoc Minh Ngo, Interior Design by John Willey}

I love how the dark curtain rod stands out against the blue walls.  So crisp and clean.




Love the beadboard.  Always a winner.


Love the combo of light and navy blue.


Lovely curtains.


{All photos from House Beautiful March 2009}


Here is a great resource for hardware/ fixtures and such: Rejuvenation.

It is in the same ilk as Restoration Hardware but a little bit… I want to say funky but that is not the word, their stuff just has a little bit more character and personality.

Billy Graham Library- Charlotte, NC

I stopped in the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC recently and I really enjoyed some of the great design they had incorporated- Cement floors, goose neck faucets, awesome recreations of sinks from his childhood farm…




Tractor Seat Bar Stools:


Concrete Floors:


Favorite Thing: Subway Tile

I love love love Subway Tile.  It is just like normal tile except rectangular shaped, 3 inches by 6 inches and usually laid in a brick pattern.

It will for sure be the back splash in my dream kitchen- probably in a pale green color, or maybe in white with pale green walls.  It was very common in homes in the early 1900s and has become quiet popular again.

Here is a company that makes it and can explain it a bit more:

Subway Tile