Curated Kravet Inspiration Board

One of my favorite fabric lines, Kravet, just came out with a line of furniture and accessories, Curated Kravet:unique pieces hand selected from the global design market, offered made-to-order or in-stock and ready to ship…”

Since I have a gazillion things going on at the moment and my brain is on overload, I wanted to wind down and get some creativity flowing by throwing together a little inspiration board. Here is one I made of some fun pieces from the new Curated Kravet line:


Bao Foo Dogs

Sagano Branch Table Lamp

Sergeant Console

Poppy Velvet Pillows

Sandrine Chaise – Velvet

Raja Aqua Wallpaper

Wildflower 5 Art

Wildflower 3 Art

Collins Acrylic X-Bench

Aspen Burl Side Table

Mod Bianco Chair

Kravet Curated is available for purchase through a designer, so contact me if you are interested in any of the pieces.

Design Matters,


Pink + White

The Cherry Blossoms reached their peak this past weekend, which means there is a lot of pink + white across the region. I’m moving to California in a few weeks, so I’m trying to savor the changing seasons + the little things I know I will miss here in metro DC. On my bucket list is: Georgetown Cupcake (the Bethesda location, because there is no way I’m dealing with the Georgetown location tourist madness), Gravelly Point (been there a gazillion times, but it’s my favorite), and to eat as much BBQ as possible because I’m scared they won’t have legit Carolina/Virginia BBQ in California (Texas BBQ does not count).

Here’s a little inspiration board of pink + white home accessories.


Pink Cacti from Artfully Walls

Pink Mosaic Wastebasket from Furbish

Pig from Stray Dog Designs

Small Rectangular Lacquer Tray from West Elm

Teak Step Stool from Serena & Lily

Poppy Floral Tea Caddy Lamp from Furbish

Chateau Rug from Anthropologie

Tini IV Accent Table in Pink from Oomph via Domino

Pink Birds from Natural Curiosities via Domino

Here are some other inspiration boards I have made. What color should I do next?


A podcast I listen to, Around the Table, has a segment called “Read, Watch, Listen, Follow.” I thought it would be a fun idea to start doing this as well at the end of posts, instead of “Best Of” posts I have previously been doing.

Read: Houzz Design Dictionary

Watch: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Hashbrown no filter)

Listen: The Lively Show (my all time favorite podcast)

Follow: I Have This Thing with Floors on Instagram


Check out my latest post, Spring Design Reads on The DC Ladies

Have a good week!


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Spring Has Sprung

Happy Monday! It’s sunny out and today is opening day for Major League Baseball which makes me a very happy lady. Here’s a rainbowy inspiration board of furniture and decorative accessories from around the web to brighten your day (not to all be used in one room [unless you want a seizure]). I love doing these collages–I already have a green one, I think I might continue making them in other colors.

(I also have a few more inspiration boards/collages on The DC Ladies. Check them out here.)


Other things I’m loving from around the interwebs: Should I Wash My Hair Today? Flowchart il_570xN.578269029_fyqk Kate Winslet Titanic Costume Test: (that phone in the second pic!)


Have a great week!


It’s the Most Wonderful Month of the Year


I have approximately 7,468 things I should be doing right now–my thesis, scanning my portfolio work to put online (Hey! Anyone want to hire me? Looking for a full time interior designer position this May post graduation). So naturally the logical thing to do right now is make a March inspiration board.

Not sure about y’all, but I am o-v-e-r winter. I am really hoping to find a job in California so that I never have to live through winter again (and be near my sister, of course). The thought that rolls around in my head all winter is “I just have to make it through February.” Being that tomorrow is March 1st, and I am tired of gray, dirty snow, I thought I would make a spring/ green themed inspiration board.

I love March for many reasons–besides the fact that it is my birthday month (and that really isn’t even a factor because I don’t like making a big deal out of my birthday), the first day of Spring is in March, daylight savings begins in March (yay!), sometimes (not this year) Easter is in March (I will never be too old for an Easter basket, no matter what my parents say).

So here is a few fun green decorative items, listed in no particular order.

Love Bird by Stray Dog Designs

J Bright Letter Throw Pillow by Land of Nod

Velvet Wingback Chair by Anthropologie

Villa Napkin by Anthropologie

Woven Raffia Frames by Serena and Lily

Jungle Diamond Cushion by Furbish

Wire Basket by Clever Spaces

Sinnlig Crisp Apple Scented Candles by IKEA

Astro Sage Wool Micro Hooked Rug by Dash & Albert

Plus some items that didn’t make it onto the board:

Epic Battle Wallpaper by Flavor Paper

Solvinden Solar Powered Light by IKEA

Flora Inlay Mirror by Anthropologie


I also made a similar board for The DC Ladies which will be posted later this week. Check the link in a few days to get the sources for all the items below.


Have a happy March!

What Not To Do When Your Friend Gets Married

I did something truly terrible.  Really bad.  My friend Emily got married last June- like a year ago June, and I….never got her a wedding present.  (Insert boos, hisses and shameful looks)… Let me try and explain, I was in England for the two weeks right before her wedding- I think I flew in the day of or the night before she got married.  And let me tell you something, I do NOT handle time change well.  At all.  I felt so crummy for the first month I was back in the states that I finally ended up going to the urgent care… (did I contract malaria in England? West Nile Virus?). Nope, just extreme jet lag which lasted a few weeks.  A few weeks later I got sick as a dog with a parasite (?!?) which I SWEAR my foster dog gave to me (even though the doctor said that my theory was unlikely), I started a new job, and then fall semester started, I quit that new job, and then came the holidays, Celine Dion, spring semester, and then before I knew it, it had been a year and I had not gotten her a present.  None of these are legit excuses, I know, especially since my norm is to buy a couple their gift a month or two before they get married and have it shipped straight to them (ps- as a former wedding planner, friends, please ship presents straight to the couple, don’t bring it to the wedding)…

So here we are, a year later, and I am going to try and make up for this egregious behavior by helping her out with a few good sources for throw pillows.  She and her husband are settling into their new home and she mentioned they are in need of some color on their white sofa.  So let’s get down to business: where can a gal score a cute throw pillow or two?

Caitlin Wilson– I’m not sure I could adequately convey in a blog post my love for Caitlin Wilson textiles.  Her pillows page on her site is like being inside a dream- a wonderful dream of pink and navy chinoise.  It would be like picking between children to point out a few, so I will leave you with this:

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 9.05.55 PMphoto via

Umba– I’m new to Umba, so from what I have gleaned so far Umba is Etsy-meets-independent consultant/ shop at home type of business (think Mary Kay/ thirty-one type of deal).  Their products are from independent artists and allows (mostly women I’m assuming) the ability to operate their own business selling Umba products. (Did I get that right? Correct me if I am wrong).  An instagram friend posted some of their pillows the other day, and I was smitten, so here are a few of my favorites:


  1. Ooh La La Pillow
  2. Lace & Cotton Pillow
  3. Happily Ever After Pillow
  4. Citron Pillow

Dash & Albert and it’s sister company Pine Cone Hill are always good bets- both are the creation of  the fabulous Annie Selke.


  1. Surina Coral Pillow by Pine Cone Hill
  2. Fresh American Flora Crewel Pillow by Pine Cone Hill
  3. Fresh American Admiral Navy Pillow by Dash & Albert

Hen House Linens has some fun and colorful pillows as well, plus they are a little more affordable:

HenHouseimage via

And then there is the ever faithful Etsy and Homegoods.  If that’s not enough, check out here and here and here and here and here.

And I leave you with this gem:

VAimage via

Hope that helps, friend!

IKEA Art + Posters

Loving IKEA’s current selection of artwork.

Click image for link.


My sister introduced me to this company BILK that creates some pretty cool wall stick on art and decor.  I’m totally digging it.

Click image for link.

Headboards on the cheap!


A Few Thoughts on Kitchens

If there is a remote chance that you will be putting your home on the market in the next year or so and you are thinking of updating your kitchen, it would behoove you {I love that phrase, I try to use it as often as possible} to opt for stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.

Buyers expect the granite and stainless and if you have them both it will be the reason a buyer will choose your home or your neighbor who has tile counters and white appliances.

That being said, granite and stainless have become so popular that I’m sure people will be looking back on pictures of kitchens from today and immediately noticing the G&S and saying something along the lines of “that kitchen is SO 2000s!” like the way we say nowadays “that kitchen is stuck in the 80s.”

I’m sure the G&S phenomenon will not last more than a decade, well maybe the stainless but not the granite for sure.  People are always flip-flopping back and forth about what is new and hot; the latest countertop material that man can create or what is the most Green and natural.

Again, that being said, I feel that people are starting to introduce color back into their kitchens.  Retro is making a HUGE comeback.  I think with all the craziness that is going on in the world people are longing for simpler times and the comfort of 50s and 60s suburbia.

Big Chill makes some AWESOME Retro fridges, stoves and dishwashers.


If you do a google search for “retro kitchen” you will find a plethora of resources for kitchen appliances and decor.

Here are a few that caught my eye:

Retro Planet– some fun fun kitchen decor!

Jack and Friends– is a particular favorite only because of the name {Will & Grace anyone?}

Bars and Booths– has, well bars and booths and stuff of that ilk if you want to totally deck out your kitchen from the floor to the ceiling.

Outdoor Living

Spring is almost here and that makes me SO SO happy! With the coming of warmer weather I will be able to use my front yard more- so exciting!  I live in a townhouse with no backyard and a small- maybe 5 x 10 fenced in front yard.  Since I only moved in this past December I hadn’t done a ton to make it more warm weather friendly.  I did almost immediately upon moving in lay down pine straw since there was no grass and the yard was basically a dirt pit.  I LOVE pine straw {here is an old post about my love of it}, now that the weather is getting warmer I am going to go buy another bale or two to freshen the yard.  I had two simple white plastic lawn chairs and a cute matching white side table with some cute candles on it in the front yard set up in the yard and that was fine to get me through the winter.

The past few weeks I have been scoping out what new outdoor furniture I wanted to buy to upgrade the white plastic chairs.  I had settled on this number from World Market:

Mika Espresso Folding Table


It is $79.99 for the table alone and caught my interest as it is the perfect size for my little yard.  I fully intended to get- that is until my most recent shopping trip at IKEA where I saw this:

TARNO Folding Table:


And I picked up two of the matching chairs:


I am so happy to have seen these as they are much more in my price range {$20 for the table and $15 each for the chairs}.  I just love IKEA-  it never ceases to amaze me!

Here is my lovely little front yard now:


I love it- I can’t wait to eat out here on hot summer nights.  It seems so Parisian to me.

I also had been looking for some sort of flooring to go under the old plastic chairs I had, I had settled on getting pavers or flagstone until I saw this decking at IKEA and I knew it was the perfect solution!  It is IDBYN from IKEA which apparently is very new as it is not on their website yet, otherwise I would link it.  It came in a pack of 9 squares which you snap together- I wasn’t sure how much ground it would cover.  I am going to go buy one more set so that the chairs and table will all be covered when pulled out.

The lantern and candle are from IKEA as well.  The navy blue metal star is one of my favorite things in my front yard.  I got it at the farmer’s market in Harrisonburg, Virginia where I went to college.  The star is a symbol of prosperity and a lot of people in the South and in the country (like Harrisonburg) have these stars on their barns or houses.  I fell in love so I picked one up before I moved away.

The ‘Christmas’ lights are from Target, I bought them a while back so you will probably need to get them online here.

Bronze Dragonfly String Lights from Target:


Ideas for you:  Here are some of my fave outdoor spaces from online:

Pottery Barn:



Oooooo this looks like heaven.  I love lanterns:


From Williams- Sonoma Home:

I love Adirondack chairs, although I find them a it uncomfy to sit in:


From Restoration Hardware:



These pics are making me drool.  I just love the water- I am so thankful to live on the East Coast.  The Chesapeake Bay and beaches aplenty are just a stones throw away.  Sorry for my readers living in the middle states, but I can’t imagine not living near a coast.

Stay tuned for more outdoor living spaces- I will be keeping my eyes open for some lovely spaces!