Top Two Design Mistakes

I’ve posted before here and here about these two mistakes, but I wanted to share them with you again because I see this all the time in people’s houses.

1) Placing all the furniture in a room against the walls. Now I know sometimes this is inevitable if you live in cramped quarters, but if you have the room try out a few different arrangements.

I love the living room in father of the bride.  The couches are smack dab in the middle of the living room… I love this arrangement (and this movie).  I think the whole house is timeless.


2)  Artwork/ Pictures that are too small for the wall. I often see in people’s houses teeny tiny frames on huge white walls.  Think big!

Love this mirror (all following images lustfully stolen from Pottery Barn).



Grouping smaller items together is a great idea!




A Few Thoughts on Kitchens

If there is a remote chance that you will be putting your home on the market in the next year or so and you are thinking of updating your kitchen, it would behoove you {I love that phrase, I try to use it as often as possible} to opt for stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.

Buyers expect the granite and stainless and if you have them both it will be the reason a buyer will choose your home or your neighbor who has tile counters and white appliances.

That being said, granite and stainless have become so popular that I’m sure people will be looking back on pictures of kitchens from today and immediately noticing the G&S and saying something along the lines of “that kitchen is SO 2000s!” like the way we say nowadays “that kitchen is stuck in the 80s.”

I’m sure the G&S phenomenon will not last more than a decade, well maybe the stainless but not the granite for sure.  People are always flip-flopping back and forth about what is new and hot; the latest countertop material that man can create or what is the most Green and natural.

Again, that being said, I feel that people are starting to introduce color back into their kitchens.  Retro is making a HUGE comeback.  I think with all the craziness that is going on in the world people are longing for simpler times and the comfort of 50s and 60s suburbia.

Big Chill makes some AWESOME Retro fridges, stoves and dishwashers.


If you do a google search for “retro kitchen” you will find a plethora of resources for kitchen appliances and decor.

Here are a few that caught my eye:

Retro Planet– some fun fun kitchen decor!

Jack and Friends– is a particular favorite only because of the name {Will & Grace anyone?}

Bars and Booths– has, well bars and booths and stuff of that ilk if you want to totally deck out your kitchen from the floor to the ceiling.

A few decorating tips from Bunny Williams


1} “Color should be complicated.  Break out of the rigidly coordinated schemes that most people rely on.  Instead, build on a base of varied neutrals, and add dashes of boldness throughout.  Think Impressionism, not paint-by-number.

2} Matching is for beginners.  Distinct eras and materials are better when blended.  If I have an antique wooden chest, I’ll put a steel lamp on top…

3}Buy with the future in mind.  Consider the larger items, like sofas, as quality backdrops, not the stars of the show.  That way, you don’t get sick of them as your taste changes.

4} Keep an eye on scale.  It’s okay if your husband needs his oversize armchair, but balance it with leggy chairs and benches.  And when it comes to hanging art on the walls, the bigger, the better.

5} When in doubt, add gold.  I always search out shiny things when I’m browsing flea markets.  Every room needs a little sparkle.”

Bunny Williams as quoted in this month’s Domino Magazine {last issue ever :(   }

British Colonial- Possibly My Favorite Design Style

“Inspired by exotic travel and gracious living, British Colonial infuses classic English style with tropical prints, patterns and textures. Dark woods and neutral fabrics create a warm base for bold motifs, cane weaves and accents in warm spice colors. The result is a setting of unhurried luxury and unmistakable island character.”

-Williams Sonoma Home


[Photo: WS Home]

This could possibly be my dream room.  I love everything about it- I bit of tropical and traditional while formal and comfortable at the same time.

Below: Tang Table Lamp

img35m[Photo: WS Home]

Below: Hand-Woven Ikat-Pattern Rug:

img36m[Photo: WS Home]

img85[Photo: WS Home]