Set Design: The Change Up


I saw the Change Up tonight and as soon as I got home I had to look online to get some information about the set design… I loved it.  Here is an LA Times Article with more information about the design and the designers so I won’t go into that, but I did just want to mention a few of my favorite design elements:

  • The whole entire kitchen.  White cabinets and black counter tops.  The dark floors.  Love the curtains, love the roman shades, Country Curtains sells similar ones that I’ve had my eye of for a few years now:
  • I thought the exterior of the house was beautiful but unfortunately I can’t find any photos of it online.  It was so Americana and reminded me a lot of the Father of The Bride House.
  • I loved the bathroom, especially the bathtub which I also couldn’t find a picture.  The whole bathroom was crisp, serene and spa like, but what else would you expect when the fixtures are from Restoration Hardware and Waterworks.
    I loved the whole house… the designers did a great job of creating a very elegant, comfortable house.

I Like This Light

The other day I was doing some fine dining with my girl friends at Silver Diner when I noticed these pendant lights:

I really like them, I knew immediately where to find something similar.  Schoolhouse Electric has some of the most awesome fixtures.  Here is what I found that is comparable to the one I saw at Silver Diner:

I would totally hook up my entire house with this if 1) I didn’t rent and 2) I had buckets of superfluous money.

My Favorite Place On Earth Part 4

This should do it with pictures from The Homestead! I’m bummed the pictures I took of these gorgeous blue velvet club chairs is too big to upload.

I love this light fixture!  It looks like something you could find from Schoolhouse Electric or Rejuvanation.

In love with this lavender china… gorgeous.

I love candles with little lamp shades on them.  I guess you just need to be careful with these :)

Ice skating.  Magical.

My IKEA Shopping Trip

I wanted to share with you some of the fun things I picked up at IKEA this weekend:

Hedda Blad Curtains for my living room- I love them!


And the Ekarp floor lamp which I love even more:


I saw a lamp very similar to this one in this month’s Elle Decor by Comfort & Co.  It was the Torsade floor lamp which I have tried to find online to no avail.  I’m sure it is at least triple the price of the IKEA version so I’m sure you can imagine my glee when I spotted the IKEA one.

Here is the lamp nestled nicely next too the new curtains:


Don’t get me started on the garish yellow walls.  I am not a fan.  My whole townhouse is painted the same color, except for the bathrooms which are painted an awful white which I shall describe as fluorescent white…. it is so bright white that it is almost neon and glows.

I rent so I know I am not supposed to paint the walls, but I am planning on being here a few years so I think a paint job will be in order soon.

I used to think that I loved yellow for walls and hated blue because it was the color of depression.  I am now finding that I really love blues on walls, like Mikonos from C2, which I unfortunately can’t find online but just imagine a crisp Greek sky blue.  It actually is quite similar to the blue background on this blog.  Go check it out at your local paint store.


You may also notice the icky metal mini blinds…. oh how they make me cringe.  I am dying to get rid of them, but again I rent so I am not anxious to invest too too much money into the house since I won’t get it back.  If I did I would most likely just install a simple white roller shade for privacy at night.

Back to my IKEA trip.  I bought the Knappa light to replace the current chandelier in the dining room that dates back to approx. 1964.  This was a a very out of the box purchase for me as I normally would have gone with something more Restoration Hardware-ish, but I have been so inspired by Nicole’s lovely home and blog at that I decided to spice it up a bit.

Knappa light from IKEA:


I have become such a big fan of IKEA as of late.  I used to think that when I got my own place it would be done up 100% in Pottery Barn.  I am now realizing that my style is a little more funky, modern and whimsical than I thought.

I love this light!

Love it



Here is a great resource for hardware/ fixtures and such: Rejuvenation.

It is in the same ilk as Restoration Hardware but a little bit… I want to say funky but that is not the word, their stuff just has a little bit more character and personality.

Billy Graham Library- Charlotte, NC

I stopped in the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC recently and I really enjoyed some of the great design they had incorporated- Cement floors, goose neck faucets, awesome recreations of sinks from his childhood farm…




Tractor Seat Bar Stools:


Concrete Floors:


Product Recommendation: Blythe Chandelier

Blythe Chandelier- Restoration Hardware

I love the Blythe Chandelier from Restoration Hardware.

When people think of a chandelier I’m sure this is not what pops into their head.

It has a very clean feeling to it, and you would see a chandelier more like this than this typical one in my house.  I’m not into that frou frou ornate classical stuff.  This is so much more relaxing.