Graphic Print Rugs

Totally digging these graphic prints at IKEA.


Hulda Vilse



Lusy Blom


Stockholm Rand

Dash & Albert Rug

I was just vacuuming my room and realized that the rug I have in it is a Dash & Albert Rug- I had to idea!  I thought it was PB Teen, but this is even better!  I wrote about Dash & Albert here for my site of the week back in March.

Dash & Albert is an Annie Selke company… check her out, he style is sort of a shabby chic Lilly Pulitzer.

I wrote in a post here more about this rug.

Happy Saturday!

Two Things

One, I am way behind on my magazine reading.  It may be Spring before I get around to reading my Christmas Martha Stewart.


Two, I have broken one of my rules of not putting rugs on top of carpet.  I posted a while back how 9 times out of 10 it’s not a good idea to do.. well, I this is one of those exceptions.  One, because my parents were getting rid of it and it was free.  Two, because my room needs some color.  Three, because the carpet in my room (and my whole house for that matter) is nasty and I would love to see as little of it as possible.  Four, it’s cute and I like it.


That is all.

Site of the Week: Dash & Albert


Dash & Albert is just one of the many ventures of Annie Selke. I would absolutely love to peek around her home, I’m sure it is so cheerful… she has such a fun, whimsical style.  In addition to rugs she designs furniture, fabric, bedding and more.


Some of my favorite rugs from Dash & Albert: