Fall Wedding Inspiration

Here are some photos I snapped of a table I designed for a bridal show at Airlie Conference Center in Warrenton, Virginia.  The table.  By the way, Airlie is an absolutely beautiful venue if you are looking for a reception or ceremony location.  It was a soft fall theme with colors of peach, yellow and green.  The floral centerpieces were done in gourds and made by the lovely Shelley of Shelley’s Floral Enterprise.  The linens were donated by Gala Cloths.  Please disregard that I have the soup spoon and tea spoon in the wrong order.  I think it just looks better that way.

This Weekend’s Wedding

Here are a few pics from this weekend’s wedding.  I was not involved in any of the planning or design, I just stopped by to snap a few photos for the company.  It’s beautiful so enjoy!

Venue: Westwood Country Club, Vienna, Virginia

Florals: Friend of the Family

The Jury Is Still Out

I’m not so sure I’m a fan of this new wedding trend:


…crystals in flowers.  I’m not digging it.  It’s pretty yes, but I think it’s one of those things that in twenty years will make this picture look so dated.  Definitely a trend, and one I don’t think is going to stay.


… are my favorite flower.

Photos taken in front of my neighborhood swimming pool.


Mystery Solved

The other week I wrote about this unique, awesome flower my girlfriend had at her wedding.  She just informed me they are called Scabiosa Pods, and I think they are so cool.


If and when I ever do get married, my colors will be navy blue + sage + ivory and these flowers would be absolutely perfect.

Jodi’s Wedding

My dear friend Jodi got married this weekend so I wanted to share a few pics I snapped at her lovely country chic wedding.  (Note- I wish I could say so, but I had nothing to do with the planning/ design of this wedding- it was all Jodi :) )

The flowers were absolutely gorgeous they were all arranged in antique coffee cans and pots and vases…

I was obsessed with these flowers- what are they?  I must know!

Jodi and her husband Kurt are amazing photographers… check them out at http://www.jodimillerphotographyblog.com.


Aren’t Camelias a lovely flower?  I think they are my new favorite.

I’m sure I would kill them though if I were to plant them, because I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life.

Pretty pretty.

Cherry Blossoms

Do you know how proud I am of these photos?  It took my about a year to learn how to operate my point and shoot camera, which makes these pictures I took be the Lincoln Memorial last month very special.

And that is the beginning and end of my photography career.  Goodbye.