A Few Favorite Fonts

Here are a few of my current favorite fonts:

1. Ecolier

2. Two By Four

3. FG Jasmine

4. Joanne

5. Parisian

6. FFF Tusi

7. MA Sexy

8. Ostich


Is it possible to have an addiction to downloading fonts?  It’s beginning to be a real problem.



I have seen this font all over the place in print advertising.  Doesn’t surpise me, it’s very pretty!  I bought Scriptina on dafont.com.

New Font- Pendulum Regular

I am buying a new font!  It is called Pendulum Regular  from MyFonts.com.  I am hoping to use it for the new header/ title I am making for the blog!  Stay tuned! 

It is so pretty!  I love it!

Some Fun New Fonts

You can purchase any of these fonts from My Fonts.


Buy Them Here: (Disclaimer, buying fonts can be addictive, go to the website at your own risk!)