Best Of

Here’s what’s making me happy this week, in no order whatsoever or having any relation to each other.

Leonardo DiCaprio is nominated for an Oscar.  (And that scene from The Office, one of the best).

This Brownie Stack:


Basically anything Elie Saab makes, like this dress… (or this, this or oh. em. gee this one).  He makes the loveliest, most ethereally feminine dresses.


Muriel’s Wedding (eh Mariel’s Wedding).  Toni Colette is flawless in every way, how had I never seen this?


Best Of

Here’s what I’m loving this week…

Piko Tops– They are tight in the arms and loose in the torso.  I have one in gray and black and love them- but of course I’d love anything you can wear with leggings.



BEHR Lotus Leaf Paint– my sister painted this color in her bathroom and I think it’s a great gray-green.  I normally shy away from Home Depot/ Behr paint but she has her whole apartment painted in various shades by Behr and they all came out really nice.



{For more of my favorite paint colors check out my Pinterest and Houzz boards.}

This filing cabinet from CB2:


via looks up all email lists you are on and lets you unsubscribe with just a few clicks.  (Totally sounds like they are paying me to say this, huh?).  I just made unsubscribing from over 50 email lists super simple.

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 10.16.20 PM


5k Runner App– So, I’ve decided to run a 5k.  Promise this is the last time you will hear of it, because people who constantly talk about the races they are running in are an obnoxious type, and I do not want to be that person.  My sister is getting married in April, and so as to not be a blimp going down the aisle in my creme colored bridesmaid dress, I decided I need motivation to workout on a regular basis.  I like this app because it gives you real clear guidance.  I originally searched “couch to 5k app” on my iPhone because that’s what was referred to me, but the 5k Runner app had better reviews, and I’ve been really happy with it.  I’m on week 2 day 3, they gradually work you up to running the whole time and it doesn’t see so bad.


PS- DC area folks… they are casting for a DIY Network design show.  More details here.

Best Of

Oops, a little late this week with my Friday Five (now renamed Best Of).  Here’s what I’m loving this week… a pretty dress and some Christmas present ideas.  Enjoy!

This 1950’s dress.  Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong decade/ century?  Why can’t we wear dresses like this anymore (besides the Oscars)?

metImage Source


I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about all of the following before, but I want to bring them to the front because they are my Best Of the Best Of:

Supergoop Daily Correct CC Cream:  I really love a good tinted moisturizer + SPF all-in-one.  My only complaint is that the lightest color is still a tad too dark for my pasty WASP skin.


Image Source


Acrylic Makeup Organizer from The Container Store.  I’ve had this a while now and I love it!  Holds everything.


Image Source

Monogrammed Small Acrylic Tray from Marley Lilly.  I throw my jewelry in here at the end of the day.  Great catch-all little tray.  (And Marley Lilly has a plethora of Christmas present ideas).


Image Source


Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint:  Any makeup product that cuts out the middle man (brush) gets two thumbs up in my book.  I can get a super quick, light face on with chubby stick + tinted moisturizer + my favorite mascara.


Image Source

That’s all!  Have a great weekend!

Friday Five


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TGIF!  Here’s my top five-ish for the week.  And my apologies, this post has turned out to be exceptionally girly.  (PS- Thinking of changing the name of this weekly post to ‘Best-Of’… thoughts?).

This Kate Spade purse.  Psst family… Christmas is coming soon!


Image Source

Celine Dion’s Let’s Talk About Love CD.


Image Source

Celine just released her newest CD, Loved Me Back To Life.  So far I’m fairly underwhelmed with the CD- it’s a different sound for her, and as a major Celine fan, I just want the same thing that I’ve always loved.  This got me thinking, my first Celine CD was Let’s Talk About Love back when I was in 6th or 7th grade in 1997.  Let’s Talk About Love is, I believe, a musical masterpiece (stop rolling your eyes)… Celine’s singing is exactly what she’s known for, belting romantic ballads that you can blast and sing over and over to.  And let’s not forget that Celine ventured into hip-hop for a ‘Treat Her Like a Lady” on Let’s Talk About Love.  It doesn’t get much better than that people.

This dress from Heidi Elnora, which they no longer make:


Image Source

Here’s one from her current collection that I’m loving:


Image Source

Deep Water Bath These things are great, they suction to the side of your tub and keep the water from all going down the overflow drain.  Great Christmas gift!


Image Source

Will & Kate Plus 8.  This is ridiculous and wonderful.

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C’est tout!  That’s all!  Have a great weekend!


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Friday Five

Happy Friday!  Here are 5 things I’m digging this week:

Bliss Fat Girl Soap:   I’ve heard great things about this soap.  I’ve only been using it a week or two so I can’t attest to it really working, but what it supposedly does is (gentlemen- cover your ears) breakup cellulite by massaging the pockets of fluid that can accumulate on your skin.


Photo credit.

Scout Tote Bags:  I LOVE my Scout Pocket Rocket Bag.  They are super durable and this particular style holds everything.  My motto is: if I couldn’t fit a large Kindergartener in my bag, then it’s too small.


“The Not So Big House” by Sarah Susanka: This book is seriously changing my view of the American house and I LOVE it.  I’ve never been a fan of the huge suburban developments where all the trees have been torn down and all the houses look the same, or as the author puts it “massive storage containers for people” (Susanka, p. 9).  She talks about designing a house where architectural detailing comes before square footage, and how every SF has a purpose.


Performance Fabrics:  If you have children and/or pets in your house, I would highly suggest putting a performance, or indoor/ outdoor fabric on your upholstered furniture.  Indoor/ outdoor fabric has come a long way… you can now find fabrics that have the same ‘hand’ or feel of regular fabric, you don’t have to have the super stiff fabric if you want the durability of outdoor fabric.


Yogi Skin Detox Tea: Love this stuff.  Does exactly what is says- detoxes your skin, giving it a little glow.  Also has a great blueberry taste.  Two thumbs up.


Photo credit.

Enjoy!  Have a great weekend!

*All photos mine unless otherwise stated.