Curated Kravet Inspiration Board

One of my favorite fabric lines, Kravet, just came out with a line of furniture and accessories, Curated Kravet:unique pieces hand selected from the global design market, offered made-to-order or in-stock and ready to ship…”

Since I have a gazillion things going on at the moment and my brain is on overload, I wanted to wind down and get some creativity flowing by throwing together a little inspiration board. Here is one I made of some fun pieces from the new Curated Kravet line:


Bao Foo Dogs

Sagano Branch Table Lamp

Sergeant Console

Poppy Velvet Pillows

Sandrine Chaise – Velvet

Raja Aqua Wallpaper

Wildflower 5 Art

Wildflower 3 Art

Collins Acrylic X-Bench

Aspen Burl Side Table

Mod Bianco Chair

Kravet Curated is available for purchase through a designer, so contact me if you are interested in any of the pieces.

Design Matters,


Pink + White

The Cherry Blossoms reached their peak this past weekend, which means there is a lot of pink + white across the region. I’m moving to California in a few weeks, so I’m trying to savor the changing seasons + the little things I know I will miss here in metro DC. On my bucket list is: Georgetown Cupcake (the Bethesda location, because there is no way I’m dealing with the Georgetown location tourist madness), Gravelly Point (been there a gazillion times, but it’s my favorite), and to eat as much BBQ as possible because I’m scared they won’t have legit Carolina/Virginia BBQ in California (Texas BBQ does not count).

Here’s a little inspiration board of pink + white home accessories.


Pink Cacti from Artfully Walls

Pink Mosaic Wastebasket from Furbish

Pig from Stray Dog Designs

Small Rectangular Lacquer Tray from West Elm

Teak Step Stool from Serena & Lily

Poppy Floral Tea Caddy Lamp from Furbish

Chateau Rug from Anthropologie

Tini IV Accent Table in Pink from Oomph via Domino

Pink Birds from Natural Curiosities via Domino

Here are some other inspiration boards I have made. What color should I do next?


A podcast I listen to, Around the Table, has a segment called “Read, Watch, Listen, Follow.” I thought it would be a fun idea to start doing this as well at the end of posts, instead of “Best Of” posts I have previously been doing.

Read: Houzz Design Dictionary

Watch: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Hashbrown no filter)

Listen: The Lively Show (my all time favorite podcast)

Follow: I Have This Thing with Floors on Instagram


Check out my latest post, Spring Design Reads on The DC Ladies

Have a good week!


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Spring Has Sprung

Happy Monday! It’s sunny out and today is opening day for Major League Baseball which makes me a very happy lady. Here’s a rainbowy inspiration board of furniture and decorative accessories from around the web to brighten your day (not to all be used in one room [unless you want a seizure]). I love doing these collages–I already have a green one, I think I might continue making them in other colors.

(I also have a few more inspiration boards/collages on The DC Ladies. Check them out here.)


Other things I’m loving from around the interwebs: Should I Wash My Hair Today? Flowchart il_570xN.578269029_fyqk Kate Winslet Titanic Costume Test: (that phone in the second pic!)


Have a great week!


Design Critique: Chick-fil-A Tysons West


Hey! I’m going to start posting design critiques of recently opened/ renovated local commercial spaces. After having my designs critiqued in class for the past few years, I thought it would be fun to turn the tables and share my thoughts on the design of area establishments. As an (almost–May 2015) interior designer, whenever I walk into a space, I am naturally critiquing the design. So I thought, heck, why don’t I share my thoughts. Maybe two or three people out there will care. Here goes! (In a rambling, ranting, stream-of-consciousness writing style, so bear with me.)

Let me start by saying I am so frickin excited we FINALLY got a Chick-fil-A in Tysons. It’s about time. Currently the closest one is in Devil’s Armpit, Virginia (whoops, I mean Seven Corners. I loath Seven Corners, Virginia). Would have been nice if this new location a was drive-thru, but I guess it’s not hurting anyone to get off their tushes and walk inside. I’ve been saying for years (well, to myself, so no wonder no one was listening) that whoever puts a Chick-fil-A in Tysons is going to make bank. From the two times I have been there since it opened, it is clear that they are not hurting for business–there was a steady stream of customers both times. (And Tysons NEEDS more walkable lunch spots for the gazillions of people that work in the area. Tysons was designed as such an anti-pedestrian friendly neighborhood, so I’m glad that with the metro opening and therefore more businesses coming to the area, people are out walking more. Rant over.)


I was nervous before going in that the space would follow suit with most fast food restaurants and have harsh, fluorescent lighting. Fast food restaurants do this on purpose–to get you in and out the door quick so the next person can take your spot (and therefore they make more money). I was happy to see that it was nicely lit–not McDonald’s bright, but not Starbucks soft. Great lighting for eating and conversation, but also if you want to chill and do some work and take advantage of their wifi.


The bar height seating and the Tolix style bar stools were a nice touch. Various seating options (heights, configurations, etc) are great in restaurant design. Not only does it help a restaurant design not seem static, it’s just nice to have options.


The countertops were a marble lookalike. Loved them, trying to figure out what material they are. I THINK they are Silestone, could be wrong though. The two times I have been in there I have been rubbing and knocking on the counters to see what it was, and I’m sure I looked like total freak.


A subway tile backsplash always gets an A+ in my book. Brushed stainless is a good option for restaurant because duh, clean-ability. The larger white subway tile throughout the restaurant is nice as well. Plus they have a dark grout, which is always a good idea. I never understand why restaurants use a light colored grout–besides the fact that it tends to yellow with age, it just gets dirty.


Wish I had a better picture of these lights, again I was trying to not look like a freak while snapping pictures. They added a vintage touch which was a nice contrast to the other more industrial fixtures.


I loved this seating area. I’ve been seeing table height ‘bars’ (or maybe more appropriately a benching type of seating), more and more in cafe style restaurant design and I like it. Regular chair height seating (18″) is my preference above bar stools as not only am I short, I have freakishly short legs, so even regular height chairs often feel like high chairs. Again, love the Tolix style stools, and they look nice against the reddish-brownish Terrazzo counters. I’m always a fan of surfaces made from recycled materials. LEED points for sure (don’t know if they were going for LEED certification, but if so, recycled material countertops would count for credit).

photo 3 (6)

photo 1 (9)

This wood-wrapped wall was a nice touch–it broke up the space and added visual interest. Not sure if they were going for the look of reclaimed wood throughout the space, that’s what it appeared to be between this wall and the bar height table. I doubt it was actually reclaimed, as wood used in commercial spaced has to be have proper fire resistance. (If you do use reclaimed wood in a commercial setting, make sure to get it treated for fire resistance.) Throughout the restaurant was laminate wood wainscoting in a gray-blue color, which I thought was lovely.

I didn’t snap a picture of the ceilings, but in addition to a dropped 2×2 ceiling they also had a lowered gypsum (drywall) ceiling above the middle of the restaurant. Changes in ceiling height help a space feel comfy and help zone off seating areas. If there is one thing I have learned in design school it is don’t forget about the ceilings! I’ve heard you loud and clear prof’s, and ceilings are always something I notice in spaces.

All in all, I think the designer did an awesome job! A nice blend of vintage and industrial FF&E. Welcome to Tysons, Chick-fil-A!

Psst–Chick-fil-A, would love it if you would open up another location closer to McLean and on 123–just a thought! Any location you put inside the beltway is going to make major bucks!

Thanks for reading! I hope I didn’t use too much designery jargon and the lay person will be understand this! Going to critique new Peet’s Coffee and Sweetgreen locations in my area next. Stay tuned!

The Conversation Piece

I started this post out as a ‘Best Of’ post with The Conversation Piece being one of ‘the best’ of the week, but I think their product and mission are so great that they deserve their own post.

The other month I was helping my good girl friend, Patty (or Patricy as she is known in my phone) decorate via text message (maybe I should add decorating via text message to my menu of services?).  Patty lives in Georgia and was wanting to spruce up her living room.  After she bought the rug seen above and a lamp shade or two, I mentioned to her that I thought a new coffee table would really bring the place together- I think in our text convo I even said reclaimed wood.  Her friend in Georgia had recently opened up a furniture company, and so she was able to score this beautiful reclaimed wood coffee table in the picture below.  The Conversation Piece is a furniture company in Hiram, Georgia, and I will let them tell you a little about what they do:

“The Conversation Piece is a furniture company that employs men that have overcome addictions. We provide these men with the opportunity to use their hands to create beautiful handmade furniture. By doing this, we receive the privilege of walking alongside of them to ensure they receive the healthy growth that is needed in order to have a full recovery.” 

20140627-194456-71096784.jpgPhoto via Patricia Antcliff

I love using reclaimed products and supporting small & local businesses, so it made my heart happy that she chose a coffee table from them.  Head over to their website to check out all of the great pieces you can buy from them!

20140627-194457-71097169.jpgPhoto via The Conversation Piece 

DIY Crate Bookshelf

My sister Katherine, who lives in Los Angeles, just moved in to a new apartment and we have been talking about choosing paint colors via text message:


I snapped a few iPhone photos from one of my favorite paint books, House Beautiful’s Colors for Your Home and texted her some ideas, although the colors really didn’t translate via phots.

Buy this book.  Pronto.

In the end she just went to Home Depot and got a few samples of a different colors, and texted me the swatches.  She picked the lighter olivey green per my direction as you can see in the text convo above.

She also built her own bookshelf out of crates which I thought was a really neat idea so I wanted to share it here.  Here is her explanation of how she did it:

“Saw this on etsy…
…and that’s where I got the idea from.  However that particular one was a little expensive and I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on it.  But I kept thinking about it for weeks and decided I really really wanted something like that so I started going to flea markets, looking on craigslist, etc for wooden crates.  I found this local dealer in OC.”


“They posted the picture of the crates from the original etsy store I saw, even though their crates are not like that at all.  I went and met with them in person and they let me handpick each crate. It took 15 crates to create the size shelf I was wanting, and I ended up only spending half of what I would have paid on the etsy store from the first link.  The guy I bought it from is a middle man- he goes around to farms in the area and buys the crates whole sale. So he has TONS of them.  I bet if I had taken the time to go to the farms myself I could have found them for cheaper, but I wouldn’t really know the best way to go about it.”


“I took them home and washed them off.  I went to Home Depot and bought some wood protectant spray.  You can get it in satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss.  I liked the original texture of the wood and didn’t want it to be too glossy so I opted for the satin.  I then fastened the back of the crates together (I sent you a pic of this).  Anyway, I LOVE how they turned out.”




I can’t explain the book on Demons.  You will have to ask her.



So voila.  That’s how to make a DIY crate bookshelf.  Cute and seems super simple.

Expedit Update

I’ve not been wanting to show pictures of my Expedit bookshelf now that it is all filled with books, because it doesn’t look like this yet:

Instead it currently looks like this, and I guess that’s fine for now.

I bought it specifically to hold all my magazines, thinking that they would take up a majority of the bookshelf.  The thing is so stankin’ huge they only took up two squares.  For now.

Brown boxes: Container Store.

White magazine holders: IKEA

I’d like to buy some pretty fabric to add to the background, but at the rate I am going that will happen in approx.the year 2018.

So that’s my Expedit for now.  Not as OCD organized as I’d like it to be, but I’m still figuring out what I want in each square whether I want it to look prettier or function better, and not be as pretty.  Probably should go with the latter.


I was at the Kravet Showroom at the Washington Design Center the other day and I was so drawn to some of the furniture they had out.  Kravet is mainly known for their textiles but they do have a line of furnishings which I am a big fan of.

I loved both these two blue couches but the navy one below was my favorite… probably the rich, deep navy color.  I also liked the frame of it better than the other.

I really liked these chairs too- I liked the deep yellow color and straight lines.  I would even buy them off the showroom floor with the KK on them (because you know they’d be cheaper).

I loved this headboard.  I’ve always loved this style of headboard, tall, tufted, a light white variation.  Restoration Hardware has some similar ones which I’m sure I’ve written about before, they just seem so sumptuous.

I always love going to the design center, I feel like a kid in a candy store… all the best fabric and furnishing lines in the country in one place… I know the DC design center is small beans compared to the NYC or Chicago ones which I’d love to get to see someday…

Blik Headboard Update

I wrote here how I ordered Blik’s Olivia “headboard”.  It’s been an insanely busy winter so it took a few weeks to even take it out of the package and temporarily tack it up on the wall to make sure I place it in the right spot.  It had been hanging on the wall like this for at least a week.  I can’t decide if I like it because I’m too lazy/ busy/ scared to remove it from the backing and stick it to the wall or I really like the blue- I think it adds some needed depth/ color.

Henry wanted to help.

Anyways, this morning I finally got around to peeling it off the backing and sticking it to wall.  It did not…. go well.  It really is a two person job.  It was like saran wrap when it starts sticking to itself.


They weren’t much of a help.



Voila.  Not too great.

Verdict:  It looks great from far away but up close you can see all the crinkles and air pockets and wear I ripped it in some places and wear hair accidentally got stuck in it.  It wasn’t pretty.  But darn it all I put it up myself.  I think there products really could be great, you just need two people for these larger things.