New Blog Name

I’m about 98% settled on a new blog name and I’m getting really excited about it.  I’m going to sit on it a few more days before purchasing the domain and moving the blog over to the new address.  Stay tuned!


Blog Name

I’ve been slow to buy the domain for this blog because I’m not 100% in love with the name.  I’m kinda liking La Jolie Vie, but not 100% on that one either.  I keep waiting for the lightbulb to go off with the perfect name that describes me, what I do, what I love and what I like to write about it.  Until then you can find me at

I will keep you posted with a name change!



Le Whoops

So, apparently Ma Vie Jolie is not grammatically correct; Ma Jolie Vie makes sense, which means I am changing the name of the blog, and my twitter will now be @majolievie.  This Saturday I will be switching the domain to be, and I am not sure if or will work or not SO, please check starting this Saturday.

Changes Are A Comin’…

In case you missed it…

I am going to be letting the domain expire soon and after that you will only be able to get to the blog via Eventually I will be changing the name to  I’m not quite sure how this will affect email subscriptions or google reader subscriptions.

I bought the domain while I was in design school, and seeing as I mostly blog about cooking not design these days and I don’t want to pay for the domain anymore, it will be going bye bye.

Just a head’s up- you heard it here first!

Important Updates

My oh my it was been a busy summer- I feel like I haven’t gotten a chance to experience it yet.  Thankfully I am going to the Outer Banks next week, so that takes care of that!

Once I return from the beach I am going to be doing some major downgrading of the blog.  Right now I use and Blue Host to run the blog.  Seeing as I don’t post all too often, and I don’t know how to utilize all the fancy things you can do with self hosting, I think it is just a waste of money to keep it this way. Sooo, I am going to be switching back to wordpress hosted in the next few weeks. is going away, since I started this blog while I was in Design school, and now I think I want to take this blog in more of a cooking direction.  The new url will either be  I am hoping that will take you over to the new site automatically until I let the domain expire, but that is beyond me.  Thankfully I have found a blog designer who will be able to magically do this for me, since I have no idea what I am doing.

Well I started this post as ‘My Kitchen Wish List September 2010’ but somehow it ended up as an update post.  Kitchen Wish List coming soon!

New Years Resolutions

One goal I have for 2010 is to scan all my mom’s old recipes, translate them (most are in French) and make them into a cookbook.  I was hoping to make the book through one of those companies that let’s you self publish photo books like or  However I just stumbled upon which has photobooks that don’t look so generic… maybe it is the option to do soft cover books, but I like what they have to offer better.

Lulu 8.5 x 8.5 square photo book:

My other major goal for 2010 is this website.  Branding, a new name, a new domain, a logo, etc.  I have been trying to think of a new name since I started in November 2008 and I finally know what direction I want to go with the blog, I just need to narrow it down to a specific name, make a new header and buy a new domain!  I am very happy, I lose sleep over the generic-ness of this blog.

Stay tuned!!

No I Haven't Died

I’m still here!  I just started a full time job at my church (aka not design related at all) which has kept me pretty busy.  I also have withdrawn from the Corcoran indefinitely where I was getting my MA in Interior Design.  I was accepted to Marymount for their MA program and have deferred the start date.  I’m not sure when I will be going back, I’d just like to take the next year or so to work and make some money- just two semesters at the Corcoran set me back a pretty penny!

Busy Busy

I wasn’t expecting this summer to be so busy!  It’s been hard to find time to write write.  Posts to come soon I promise!

PCs = Ew

I just looked at the main page of my blog from a PC (instead of a Mac which I use). Yuck. It doesn’t look so hot on a PC…. the fonts are weird and blurry. Oh well, what can you do…