The Tremont Grand- Baltimore, Maryland

I was recently in Baltimore for the Association of Bridal Consultants annual conference- we stayed at The Tremont Grand Hotel.  It was a beautiful hotel which was actually slated for demolition a few years back.  It was originally built as a Masonic temple in the 1800’s and there is a lot of the original architecture left.  I snapped a ton of iPhone pics…. by far the most impressive space was the ladies lounge.

Beautiful, right?

My Favorite Place On Earth Part 3

More from The Homestead.  I thought this would be the last post, but it is going to take one more to get all the pictures up.  This is only because my computer is. so. slow. and it takes about 3 hours to put together 1 post and by the time I have uploaded 10 pictures I want to pull my hair out.

Chandeliers… yes.  I love the orangey color of this room… kind of a burnt orange.  That is why I love The Homestead, even though it was built in 1776 it and you feel like you stepped back in time when you are there, they have some awesome paint colors: pink, purple, orange.  Love it.

Love black and white tiled floors.  I want them in my foyer.  Not that I have a foyer…

This is a pretty pink.  Lovely.  I love their bathrooms- the gold framed mirrors, the marble, the sconces…

Just lovely.  This is in the pink ladies room.  The poor women who were using the loo when I was snapping pics…

The hallway to the spa = pure bliss.

And the hallway is just lovely.  Pinks and greens and blues and window seats and vaulted ceilings, I could live in this hallway.

Me lounging before my massage.  The actual massage was not one of the best ones I have had, but the women’s lounge was just lovely.

Oh how I love art work grouped like this.  This is what you do when you have a large wall to fill.

Leaving the spa… sad…

One last post on The Homestead to come!

My Favorite Place on Earth Part 2

Ugh.  Half of the pictures I took are apparently too big to upload.  I really need to learn how to work my camera.  More from my trip to The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA.

The Great Hall (I think that is the name… this is the main drag, although I doubt George Washington called it the ‘main drag’ when he visited’).

Domes.  Chandeliers.  Yes.

Oh I love it.

Scones.  Love them.

And I love me some chandeliers.

This is where my wedding will be someday.

Love this purple color.

Love the marble and the fixtures… and the mirrors.  Love it all.

More to come… so many lovely pictures.

My Favorite Place on Earth Part 1

I visited The Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia for a few days after Christmas with my family.  I will never get tired of this place, I believe it is one of the most beautiful places in America…

LOVE this chest….mirrored all over.  This is in the dining room.

The dining room has a purple color scheme… love it.

Chandeliers.  Yes Please.

I think this was pork cannellonis… delish.

Love this little candle holder on the table.

A Fillet Mignon is never a bad choice.  Love my steak and potatoes.

Warm water with lemon to wash your hands after the meal.

More to come!  I took about 5,000 pictures, unfortunately I am retarded at life and the settings on my camera were all jacked up so a lot of them are too big to upload… ugh.