It’s the Most Wonderful Month of the Year


I have approximately 7,468 things I should be doing right now–my thesis, scanning my portfolio work to put online (Hey! Anyone want to hire me? Looking for a full time interior designer position this May post graduation). So naturally the logical thing to do right now is make a March inspiration board.

Not sure about y’all, but I am o-v-e-r winter. I am really hoping to find a job in California so that I never have to live through winter again (and be near my sister, of course). The thought that rolls around in my head all winter is “I just have to make it through February.” Being that tomorrow is March 1st, and I am tired of gray, dirty snow, I thought I would make a spring/ green themed inspiration board.

I love March for many reasons–besides the fact that it is my birthday month (and that really isn’t even a factor because I don’t like making a big deal out of my birthday), the first day of Spring is in March, daylight savings begins in March (yay!), sometimes (not this year) Easter is in March (I will never be too old for an Easter basket, no matter what my parents say).

So here is a few fun green decorative items, listed in no particular order.

Love Bird by Stray Dog Designs

J Bright Letter Throw Pillow by Land of Nod

Velvet Wingback Chair by Anthropologie

Villa Napkin by Anthropologie

Woven Raffia Frames by Serena and Lily

Jungle Diamond Cushion by Furbish

Wire Basket by Clever Spaces

Sinnlig Crisp Apple Scented Candles by IKEA

Astro Sage Wool Micro Hooked Rug by Dash & Albert

Plus some items that didn’t make it onto the board:

Epic Battle Wallpaper by Flavor Paper

Solvinden Solar Powered Light by IKEA

Flora Inlay Mirror by Anthropologie


I also made a similar board for The DC Ladies which will be posted later this week. Check the link in a few days to get the sources for all the items below.


Have a happy March!

Best Of


Here’s what I’m loving this week:

East Coasters by Reed Wilson Design- Etsy & Nordstrom have started a partnership, and there is nothing about this I don’t love. Nordstrom? Love it, please scatter my ashes in the Tysons location. Etsy? Support independent artists? Yes, please!  In addition to East Coasters, they have North, West, and Gulf Coasters.

Gold Bobby Pins from H&M– Since pretty much the day I got bangs last fall (aka the biggest mistake of 2013), I have been trying to grow them out.  I love these bright gold bobby pins to hold my hair back- they are prettier than the normal brown ones you get at the drug store.

Råskog kitchen cart from IKEA- I use it as my bedside table.  What I love about it: the beautiful blue/ green color, the fact that there are no drawers so it can’t turn into a dumping ground for junk- everything is out in the open so I have to keep it tidy.  I love the utilitarian look, it is a nice contrast next to the softness of fabric on a bed.  I think it’s a handy little cart that could work in the bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, etc.

In with the Old: Classic Decor from A to Z– I love this encyclopedia of decorative accessories and furniture.  It’s my new bedtime reading.

There’s a Colonial Woman on the Wing T-shirt– This is my most popular pin on Pinterest.  If you don’t know what this is referring to, I’m sorry.

Also, not pictured, but this lovely Florida home by the fabulous Ashley Whittaker.

Thanks for stopping by!


Expedit Update

I’ve not been wanting to show pictures of my Expedit bookshelf now that it is all filled with books, because it doesn’t look like this yet:

Instead it currently looks like this, and I guess that’s fine for now.

I bought it specifically to hold all my magazines, thinking that they would take up a majority of the bookshelf.  The thing is so stankin’ huge they only took up two squares.  For now.

Brown boxes: Container Store.

White magazine holders: IKEA

I’d like to buy some pretty fabric to add to the background, but at the rate I am going that will happen in approx.the year 2018.

So that’s my Expedit for now.  Not as OCD organized as I’d like it to be, but I’m still figuring out what I want in each square whether I want it to look prettier or function better, and not be as pretty.  Probably should go with the latter.

Expedit Sneak Peak

It’s finally mine.  The ubiquitous 5×5 white Expedit bookshelf that you see everywhere.  E.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.  I’ve wanted it for years but have put off buying it because I didn’t want to pay for the shipping ($150)  and the only other option would be to load up the sucker in my car and drive it home myself.

The other week I finally took the plunge and drove to the IKEA in Woodbridge, VA.  I made my usual stop to get a hot dog and cinnamon roll before the shopping began and then picked up a few knick knacks I needed from around the store and then headed down to the warehouse to pick up my precious baby.  Oh that’s the other thing, it is constantly out of stock.  I had checked that morning and it said online that there was a high probability of it being in stock at the Woodbridge store.  Guess what?  It wasn’t in stock.  Right then an IKEA employee pushed up a flatbed truck with my bookshelf (in 4 massive boxes) that someone had obviously just returned.  I’m so glad because it would have been very difficult trying to load all 4 boxes on the flat bed truck myself.

So I get out to my car and realized I hadn’t planned very well.  This book shelf is ummm, massive and my Camry is ummm, not.  Thank the Lord one of the IKEA valets came up to me and (all in Spanish, which I don’t know how he knew I spoke Spanish, he just was speaking in Spanish from the beginning) totally loaded all 4 boxes into my car, it involved having to take the passenger’s side seat apart, but somehow he did it.  45 minutes later I was home was trying to get the first box out of my car when my neighbor came out of my house and saw me obviously struggling and unloaded the rest and put them on my front porch.

Are you asleep yet?  My dad got it in my house and a week late assembled but I don’t want to show you the picture yet, because it’s not organized to OCD like perfection yet courtesy of several boxes and file holders I need to pick up from The Container Store, so until it looks like this:


Does that not make your heart sing?  Mine looks nothing like that the moment.  I love the idea of putting some kind of background behind it… I think this person actually used wrapping paper.  How easy is that?  (Raise your hand if you love Ina Garten).

Progress photos to come…

IKEA Art + Posters

Loving IKEA’s current selection of artwork.

Click image for link.

Yearly IKEA Pilgrimage

It’s time… I feel it in my veins.  Time for my yearly IKEA pilgrimage.  I wish I could make it a seasonal pilgrimage, but alas my bank account does not allow for this.

You need to be prepared mentally and physically for your IKEA pilgrimage.  Mentally, you have to have a list of what you are going to buy.  Otherwise, if you are me, you will get so overwhelmed by the cute stuff and buy everything.  That is what I do when I get overwhelmed… just buy it all.

Physically, you need to be preparing your stomach.  This will be one of the finest culinary experiences of your year.  Make sure you are hungry enough for 1st lunch and 2nd lunch.  First lunch = Hot Dog, Soda and Cinnamon Roll upon arrival.  Then you shop and stop by the main cafeteria for second lunch.  Second lunch = SWEDISH MEATBALL heaven.  As you can see, you need to come hungry so you can leave happy.

And that’s how my IKEA pilgrimage goes down.  It is an exhausting but rewarding experience, and now, today it’s time…

And to keep me on track, here is today’s shopping list:

  • Bookshelf for my kitchen to serve as a pantry
  • Comforter since Henry the dog yet again barfed on mine and the dry cleaners refuses to wash it one more time
  • Maybe a hanging lamp for my dining room if I can find a large enough, cute enough one.
  • A few fresh plants because they are cheap and add so much good energy to your home.  But toss them out when they croak, because dead plants= BAD energy.
  • Hot dog, coke, cinnamon roll, Swedish meatballs.
  • That’s IT.  Nothing else.

I really need to start bringing along an accountability partner, to keep me on track, make sure I only buy what is on my list, pray for me.

And I’m off!  Happy Saturday everyone!

On A Mission

I’m on a mission to find IKEA’s Expedit Shelf in white (the 5×5 larger one).  I’ve wanted it forever (read about it here and here and here and here) and now that I am ready to buy it, it is out of stock at every IKEA in the DC area (Woodbridge, VA, Baltimore and College Park, MD).  Thank the Lord for Craigslist and Ebay!  I’ll let you know how I make out!

Graphic Print Rugs

Totally digging these graphic prints at IKEA.


Hulda Vilse



Lusy Blom


Stockholm Rand