I’m a huge fan of calligraphy for wedding invitations, place cards, wherever either done by hand or letter pressed.  Just wanted to share some photos I’ve found online recently of calligraphy I love.

I think this example is my favorite- from Designs by Robyn Love.  Everything of her’s is drool worthy.

From Style Me Pretty

From Bella Figura

Vintage Wedding Invitation Stamps

This is a follow up to this post, Wedding Invitation Stamps because I just learned about this great company, The Paper Nickel Stamp Company that sells awesome vintage stamps.  Loves it for wedding invitations…. although rather pricey…. $2.00 for .45 cents worth of stamps.  So love the look though.

God Bless you Southern Weddings magazine for awesome finds like this.

Wedding Invitation Stamps

I like these.  You can buy them on


I spotted them here:


Love These Invitations

Nothing more to say.  I love them.

From Martha Stewart Weddings Falls 2011.  Designed by Cynthia Warren.

Southern Fete

I love, love, love Southern Fete.  I’ve seen them linked to a few times on various Bridal blogs and I am just so smitten with their line of invitations.

Here is a link to their Etsy Shop.

Wedding invitations are a great way to express your personality and creativity.  Or if you have none, get Southern Fete to design your inviations so you don’t look so boring :)

Here is the link to their main website.

These magnolias are my favorite.  I am a font whore and every single one of their invitations has the funnest fonts.

While we are on fonts, is the place to go for fonts.  I download at least 2 a day.  Font addiction is real and serious people.