Fan of Restoration Hardware?  Me too.  Rejuvenation is kinda sorta but not really similar and maybe you haven’t heard of them.  If I had gobs of extra money and was restoring my house or building new and wanted a vintage look, I would totally go straight to Rejuvenation.  I made a quickie inspiration board of some fun finds from their website.

(Font alert: Nevis by Ten by Twenty)

Cake Plate



Black Door Knob


Porch Light


Silver Door Knob

Dining Room Chandelier Update

I posted here about how I bought a cheapo IKEA pendant shade to replace the ugly fixture that was in my dining room.  I finally got around to ordering and installing the medallion to cover the not so pretty part of the ceiling (correction, my dad installed).  The medallion was only $8 something bucks but it really made a difference.

I’ve yet to order the shade I talked about in the previous post… I’m fine with my cheapo IKEA shade for now.

New Dining Room Chandelier Shade

A few months ago I bought a cheapo IKEA pendant lamp to replace the ugly 70’s chandelier that came with the dining room in my rental town house.  It’s working out ok as a temporary replacement.  It did leave a little gap in the ceiling that I’ve been meaning to fix.  I finally got around to ordering a medallion from Home Depot.  Medallions are quick fixes to cover up and mess ups or to add a little decorative flare to the ceiling.  I just searched ‘medallion’ on and sorted it by price to find the cheapest one, this one was $8 something.  Since I’m just renting I’m not too interested in spending tons of cash on my house, just a quick fix.

My next thought is to replace the cheap shade with a slightly less cheap one from Ballard Designs.  These small Chandelier Drum Shades are only $18 but I think it would make a big difference.  I love a good drum shade.


I’m leaning towards the blue color even though I know your supposed to veer away from shades of blue in eating areas (it decreases the appetite).  Red is great to use in eating areas as it increases the appetite but I think the color.  I’ve yet to order the shade, when I do I will post a picture of my updated shade.

I Like This Light

The other day I was doing some fine dining with my girl friends at Silver Diner when I noticed these pendant lights:

I really like them, I knew immediately where to find something similar.  Schoolhouse Electric has some of the most awesome fixtures.  Here is what I found that is comparable to the one I saw at Silver Diner:

I would totally hook up my entire house with this if 1) I didn’t rent and 2) I had buckets of superfluous money.

My Favorite Place On Earth Part 4

This should do it with pictures from The Homestead! I’m bummed the pictures I took of these gorgeous blue velvet club chairs is too big to upload.

I love this light fixture!  It looks like something you could find from Schoolhouse Electric or Rejuvanation.

In love with this lavender china… gorgeous.

I love candles with little lamp shades on them.  I guess you just need to be careful with these :)

Ice skating.  Magical.

World Market Gift Certificate!

My step-mom just gave me a gift certificate to World Market.  Well, someone had given it to her to give to me in 2001 and she just now got it to me.  Better late than never!

I’ve been thinking about what to get with it, and as you know from yesterday’s post, I need a new pendant lamp for my dining room.  World Market has a very cute Capiz Hanging Pendant which I was eyeing a few months back (and I believe it is in my wish list to the left).


I also have been wanting bamboo or wooden roman shades for my living room, but World Market really doesn’t have a great selection of blinds.  I am probably just going to have to do with Country Curtains or Target to get the blinds I want.

Country Curtains Roman Bamboo Blinds:



Anyways, back to World Market… I’m not quite sure what I will spend the gift certifcate on but I’m sure I cold find 100 different ways to spend it!

I Am On a Mission Part 3

I wrote in Part 1 how I am looking for a pendant light like this one from Restoration Hardware for much cheaper (anything less than $425):


I wrote in Part 2 how I found these similar priced ones at Room and Board:




I think I found a good compromise… Seascape offers a similar pendant light at a much more reasonable price of $230:

hanging_lamp_dupioni_silk_creamBut honestly at $39.99 who could pass up this one from IKEA:


I have been eyeing their Brasa Light as well, it is not at all a drum shade like I want but it reminds me of the light we had in my kitchen growing up:


… so who knows what will end up in my dining room.  All I know is that the one that came with the house has got to go.  It is baaaad.  Pics to come…

I Am On a Mission Part 2

The other week I wrote here about how I am on a mission to find a chandelier similar to this one from Restoration Hardware but for much cheaper.

Room and Board has some very similar ones, the only unfortunate part is they also have a similar price:

So, still looking…

I Am On a Mission…

…to find a light similar to this one from Restoration Hardware but for a lot less $$$:

Round Shade Chandelier from Restoration Hardware- $445:


I want it for my dining room oh so badly!  Stay tuned I am going to search the internet high and low to find a similar light….