Can I Live In This Room?

I’m way behind on my magazine reading and I’m just now reading the October issue of House Beautiful.  One of the very first ads in it was this gorgeous photo from Restoration Hardware:

The couch is what initially caught my eye but I love everything about it; the chandeliers, the placement of the artwork on the walls… in the magazine they have it darkened a bit so it looks a bit cozier.  It’s not too feminine and not too masculine.  Loves it.

And for a cool $10,995-14,695 this puppy could be yours!  I can’t imagine every living in a house that would have a room large enough to accommodate that couch but lawcy mercy I lurve it.


Top Two Design Mistakes

I’ve posted before here and here about these two mistakes, but I wanted to share them with you again because I see this all the time in people’s houses.

1) Placing all the furniture in a room against the walls. Now I know sometimes this is inevitable if you live in cramped quarters, but if you have the room try out a few different arrangements.

I love the living room in father of the bride.  The couches are smack dab in the middle of the living room… I love this arrangement (and this movie).  I think the whole house is timeless.


2)  Artwork/ Pictures that are too small for the wall. I often see in people’s houses teeny tiny frames on huge white walls.  Think big!

Love this mirror (all following images lustfully stolen from Pottery Barn).



Grouping smaller items together is a great idea!





I love the Roman Shade especially.  This is blue done right.

2-cabrol-0309-xlg-7388998{Photo: Thomas Loof,  Interior Design: Milly De Cabrol}

{All photos below by Ngoc Minh Ngo, Interior Design by John Willey}

I love how the dark curtain rod stands out against the blue walls.  So crisp and clean.




Love the beadboard.  Always a winner.


Love the combo of light and navy blue.


Lovely curtains.


{All photos from House Beautiful March 2009}


What I really want is the Kingston Media Console from Crate & Barrel:


But I think I am going to have to settle for the much less expensive Markor TV Unit from IKEA:


Great Movie Decor from "Something’s Gotta Give"

In The Washington Post Home Section this week, they had a photo of the beautiful living room from the movie “Something’s Gotta Give” with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson.  I wanted to share the photos with you cause I LOVE the design:

The two-story living room:






My IKEA Shopping Trip

I wanted to share with you some of the fun things I picked up at IKEA this weekend:

Hedda Blad Curtains for my living room- I love them!


And the Ekarp floor lamp which I love even more:


I saw a lamp very similar to this one in this month’s Elle Decor by Comfort & Co.  It was the Torsade floor lamp which I have tried to find online to no avail.  I’m sure it is at least triple the price of the IKEA version so I’m sure you can imagine my glee when I spotted the IKEA one.

Here is the lamp nestled nicely next too the new curtains:


Don’t get me started on the garish yellow walls.  I am not a fan.  My whole townhouse is painted the same color, except for the bathrooms which are painted an awful white which I shall describe as fluorescent white…. it is so bright white that it is almost neon and glows.

I rent so I know I am not supposed to paint the walls, but I am planning on being here a few years so I think a paint job will be in order soon.

I used to think that I loved yellow for walls and hated blue because it was the color of depression.  I am now finding that I really love blues on walls, like Mikonos from C2, which I unfortunately can’t find online but just imagine a crisp Greek sky blue.  It actually is quite similar to the blue background on this blog.  Go check it out at your local paint store.


You may also notice the icky metal mini blinds…. oh how they make me cringe.  I am dying to get rid of them, but again I rent so I am not anxious to invest too too much money into the house since I won’t get it back.  If I did I would most likely just install a simple white roller shade for privacy at night.

Back to my IKEA trip.  I bought the Knappa light to replace the current chandelier in the dining room that dates back to approx. 1964.  This was a a very out of the box purchase for me as I normally would have gone with something more Restoration Hardware-ish, but I have been so inspired by Nicole’s lovely home and blog at that I decided to spice it up a bit.

Knappa light from IKEA:


I have become such a big fan of IKEA as of late.  I used to think that when I got my own place it would be done up 100% in Pottery Barn.  I am now realizing that my style is a little more funky, modern and whimsical than I thought.

British Colonial- Possibly My Favorite Design Style

“Inspired by exotic travel and gracious living, British Colonial infuses classic English style with tropical prints, patterns and textures. Dark woods and neutral fabrics create a warm base for bold motifs, cane weaves and accents in warm spice colors. The result is a setting of unhurried luxury and unmistakable island character.”

-Williams Sonoma Home


[Photo: WS Home]

This could possibly be my dream room.  I love everything about it- I bit of tropical and traditional while formal and comfortable at the same time.

Below: Tang Table Lamp

img35m[Photo: WS Home]

Below: Hand-Woven Ikat-Pattern Rug:

img36m[Photo: WS Home]

img85[Photo: WS Home]

My Living Room

My living room is in major need of a face lift.  Here are some of my ideas:

Pjattyeryd from Ikea- I love it!


I’m thinking about these shades from Target for my living room:


And this TV stand from Ikea:


Putting It All Together: Living Room

I am going to start putting together furniture and accessories that I think would go well together.  Here goes the first one:

The Paris Chair from Jeffrey Braun Furniture + The Andalusia Rug in Espresso from West Elm + Benjamin Moore Nob Hill Sage 450 for the walls (the actual color looks a lot different than the color, in real life it is a pretty green) + Ceramic Peonies from Arhaus


I like this fabric from Kravet for the chair, I think it might be a little too busy though if it were next to the rug (scroll down):


So maybe this fabric from Kravet would be better: (although I really like the other one)